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After installing new version, load a save and unable to click on anything.  All I can do is open and close save menu with right mouse button. 


Love of Magic community · Created a new topic Timeline

If I progress past end date of an update, will it make me miss anything on days I skipped when a new update comes out?

Game is abandoned now?

You mean something outside of the choices in middle of screen?  As far as i can tell, I have clicked all of them.

Not sure what to do then.  Been doing every option possible and nothing new is happening.

How do we progress with Kaori and Maki?  Don't see anything for meeting Kaori and for Maki can call but always busy and never at porn shop at night.

Any way to get ability to name saves?  Would be handy for keeping track of different routes.

Didn't know license fees were involved.  Sad news, but understandable why you made that decision.

That's the girls' changing room and you just see it as part of a cutscene.

The world doesn't have an odd morality system.  His methods were not well received with exception of the mysterious benefactors and their hatchetman.  The others have to be corrupted to go along with it.

Tried going to web browser link in blog and that just takes me to mega to download game.

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Is MC gonna keep on being such a passive character?  For example not calling the sisters out on their lying, manipulation, and stealing when he clearly knew what was going on.

Journal says to watch tv, but nothing happens when watching tv.  This is after Dr. Shaw comes to Mel's office.

Any download options besides mega?

Will there be a 32 bit version?

Download is only 5.6kb and just makes folder with no files in it.

No 32 bit version?

Not sure, but that might be one where she is in exam room at clinic.

Do research option with Nafiri

It's impossible to get enough time, but I see what you mean.  How far down roadmap of game is single routes for the girls separate from the harem route?

Game crashes everytime i try to build rooms for hotel.

Can't download through app and webpage won't load.

Sucks that is a game ending choice.  I don't like her and rejecting her skips too much from other stories.

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Is there any way to prevent Alice from joining family?

And why is there less and less player agency in more recent updates?

Think it's the letter E.

What's the deal with Amy?  Turn her down at every turn, pick Kate but we still get in a relationship with her.

Lucy and Maddie are my favourites.

Make wrong choices at beginning and you can avoid her story, but other stories are tied to her since they are doing harem first before individual paths.

Can't install through itch

Is there a guide somewhere for accessing events?

Is there going to be a 32 bit version?

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Game was good until the whole mindrape after pool party.

And why even give us choices if game just ignores what we choose?


Turned in 4 Philweed, but not able to find anymore.  Is my luck terrible or is it not possible to find more?

Getting exception error when doing activism dialogue for first time with family.  Tried reloading game, but it still fails everytime.

Is it possible to have relationship with all the girls without doing the harem?

Is it possible to follow paths for other characters without doing Sandra's?  Was playing through and seems not doing her path is blocking the others.