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i can open it, but i can only walk around and stuff

i cant interact ;(

i clicked adopt morgan and i was 20$ less so i cound'nt and i dont think they are supposed to be on my screen like this


i think the game is broken rh, it used to work for me before when i played, although i had to reload everytime i died 

please fix this

Dungeons and Deals community · Created a new topic my shop:

how 2play

question, if i dowload the game and play a little then leave, will it save?

The Horse Is Dead.

no changing i like this


yess this time i did a cat that saves the hamburger from jumping apples ( again lol )

im sad you can jump on the hamburger tho:(   

i finished the game a second time, after 2 months lol

no you dont need to, you should start off like this 


i played this a second time cuz i was bored and i foundmyself only useing riddie:D

i dont think this was supposed to happen,

i can go out the map, also i cant go back from where i came here from so i dont think i can play this rn lol

no problem:D

well for the 1st ending i got, i shared the goof with the other person,

and for the 2d one i ate all the foods myself barley giving any to the other person!

idk if this will help but we are player 2:D

( ps i said this because it didnt say which player we were and the player one's name is kinda blocked lol )

okay ty:D

how do i save;-;

please help me.-.

:0 omg i never knew he's played this

i love watching him kill his sims

the only thing i achieved was low human population and aliens ( by mistake ) 

its hard to make them sad

so the 1st time i played i did the goal ( to pick the right answer ) and 2d time i wanted to do the opposite and i picked blue for the bomb question thinking it was wrong because the red 1 said no one died:(

i have failed 


oki tyy :D

is there a way to undo the road?

idk if this will help but i cleaned everything from the top

the 2d time when it worked i got things out of over.-.

omg you're still 3d

i would try to beat you but without my old touch screen pc i dont think i can so i wont lol

good job:D

omg i played this before idk when, i thought i has all the endings so i came again for no reason and i see the ROCK.

i didnt see that before:(

anyways i got the 2 endings now:D imma replay just incase theres more

yay i had an extra 108$

also i posed the same thing 2 ina row and NO ONE questioned it lol

:0 that was the best how ever long i spent in the game ever!

at first i was unsure if i could play the piano because i'll be getting one next year,but the ending gave me more hope! 1000/5 great game:D


update i found what to do and finished the game:D 

sad i had to reload it 3 times lol but 4/5


i've had to re-play ( or reload the browser) the game 2 times now

the 1st time i couldn't get the knife and now i cant give the pizza to the lady:(

so now i need to reload AGAIN, which is really annoying 

well my first question is that if the islands are black will it affect the gameplay in anyway?

and for my 2d question i never quite found how to open games that i've downloaded, i'll try that thank you:D 

oh alr i'll try that. thank you!

uhh i did ctrl c like a few times anddd