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Sorry, I don't know about Godot, in Unity it is 32px*32px.


Oh... yes, "cainos" is ok, or ""

Thanks for the credit.

The scene also use a Transparancy Sort Mode with axis [0,1,1].

So the character's position also affects its sorting.

Check if your character's sprite pivot is at its bottom.

And at your the [Sprite Render] of your character, the [Sprite Sort Point] should be set to [Pivot].

Hello, I did not use any color palette when making this asset.

For color reference please directly pick color from the asset sprites.

This asset is Unity only.

Yes, this asset can hardly be transfered to other engines. It depends heavily on Unity. That is why I only sell it on Asset Store.

The props sprites are supposed to be used as normal sprites, not as tileset.

I am afraid it would be really hard.


Hello, you can contact me at

But recently I may not have time to do commission works.

Yes, you can use this in any engine you like.

By using post processing.

Please email to

hello, thanks for using my asset.

The reason why i still hesitate to put those two packs here is that they contain too much content that only work in Unity.

I have to sell them for the same price here so people would be paying the same price for less content.

For the "Customizable Pixel Character" pack, I am afraid it can hardly work without Unity.

The prop sprites are not supposed to be used in a tilemap.

Please place them as normal sprites.

Sorry, i don't have time to do commission work

licence info added


ok, published


no need