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I've been making games on this platform for 2 years now, I love the simplicity it offers for developers, it feels like making games on PICO-8, but multiplayer and 3D.

Wow, thank you for this feedback. I'm so glad that you experienced what I wanted to share, meeting people that have another experience of the game and maybe try to communicate with them to show where the spirits are :)

Congratulations for you price, you deserve it ;)

Oh ok, I didn't see that I could get rid of this thing sorry, I wanted to try as many entries as I can :/

Very cool environment, great lights ! The scene is so big that a polish on everything would take days or even weeks :p Maybe a music would be nice to add a little something :)

Nice use of the lights and the shadows !

Maybe one of my favorite entry, good job !

It was a really fun moment to play this game ! It was maybe a bit too dark at the beginning.

Nice scene even if maybe it's a bit too big (I feel like I didn't explore everything). The big fallen portals are really great ! 

The sound is well managed and the atmosphere is magical ! I really liked it

Really nice scene ! I wanted to take that sword and smash monsters but not for this time :p

Very nice entry with lots of surprises ! I really liked how you use some materials and some sounds for basic shapes :)

You can't be closer to the theme, I really like that little walk :) Almost found all the stars !

Nice entry ! I really like the overall feeling about that game. One thing that I don't really like is that thing saying if we are too high or too low, because I was just looking at this and couldn't really take the time to look at the landscapes.

Very dark atmosphere here, I'm glad I found a gun ;)

The scene is cool, maybe you can add more details to make it more believable and to create an atmosphere around that :)

I spend so much time on this third lever haha but that was cool, I really liked that final spot :)

I really enjoyed walking through this scene with gorgeous structures and small details to make the scene alive.

Thank you for playing ! I'm sorry for the bird sound loop, I should have not added that sound just before submitting :/

Thanks so much for the kind words ! I'm glad you liked it :)
I found that bug about the birds after the deadline, so yeah, I'm sorry, that was not intended :(
I wanted to keep some places secrets so that people won't see everything from the screenshots :p

Yeah you're totally right about those points. I should have spent more than 16 hours to reach the level of the other jammers. I didn't want to post it as it was not really understandable and not polished (no animation) but I'm glad you tried it ! :)

Thanks for playing ! :)

Thanks so much for your comment ! I hope you enjoyed it :)

And you're right, a tutorial would have been nice, but I was focusing on making the game more readable. (and didn't really succeed haha)

Thanks for playing ! Yes I totally understand what you said and I almost didn't share my work because of this. I didn't find a way to explain everything so I decided to remove some features, but then the game was not fun anymore because you had less choices. Congratulations for reaching the room 30 and I hope you had some fun once you understood the mechanics ! :)

Wow good job ! I think you got the highest score :)

Thank you for the feedback ! That was the main issue, I couldn't find a way to make the game more readable.. I'm glad you find out :)

Yeah you don't have much control, you just have to cross your fingers :p Thanks for playing !

Thanks ! My focus was to make it more readable and understandable and I didn't have the time to focus on the middle and late game. I should add more variety as you mentioned :)

Wish you the best for this project ;)

Thanks for the feedback, hope you enjoyed it :)

Thanks for playing ! I think I know what happened for the crash. I didn't check if it was applied to an ally so if there is no ally, it just crashed haha. I must fix that !

I like the global feeling of the game with the city behind. Thanks for making it, I had fun :)

Waiting the NSFW DLC, that would be an insta-buy  for me haha

Great job !

This scream when you fall is what make the game so good haha, I really liked how the levels are designed :)

I really liked the concept, cards game are not usual for game jams ! Maybe a bit too easy to win versus the computer but I think it's not humanly possible to make an AI in 72 hours that can beat human :p Great job !

The first one was really difficult but I really liked the complexity of the puzzles !

Nice game with great mechanics. It's really hard at the beginning to get out of this room haha

I really enjoyed it, one of the best games I've played for this jam so far :)


(that game was fun :D)

The idea is nice, sadly it's hard to make something in 72 hours. Congratulations for making this !

That was an experience I will never forget haha, really cool mechanics ! :)