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Cailín Grace Brown

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yip! the focus is on Ch. 3 though they're all decently drafted, just having to fight off life atm.

i'd probably recommend waiting if you're interested, this is up mostly cos the bundle is a good opportunity + it lets cohost folks support the writing i've been doing there.

not ideal, but just how things worked out <3

someone who read it as it was coming out, it's gorgeous, smart, fluffy, heart-throb fun that i superbly recommend, in addition to all (and i do mean all) of Spectre's other works.

(and very happy to see more 18+ content on the trans tag that's like *our stuff* <3)

that last little message making me a cry a little lol <3

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it would fix me to date a woman who would never dare to actually hurt me but that i'm still vaguely scared will. there's nothing with me, it's the world that's wrong! <3

thanks for giving this a cohost bump! i still got an affront to god to play too lol. cute and messy people <3

my little heart, it's so cute and sweet <3

just cleaning it up now, lmao what a bitch making an account to spam all those comments.

i love that "[cis] men are utterly repulsed by you" cos it's like *sweetie*, that's the idea lol. 

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i'm gonna have to watch the video and reply to all of those amazing comments and this later but for now i just wanna say *oh my god of course it's okay*

video comments are so fucking powerful, you've literally bumped our total downloads by over 10% lol, about 150 over the last 4 days. everyone on itch will always love you for that.

Hey there, really sorry but I don't know what the issue might be, and it's too late for me to be able to offer any fix. Just as the nature that is was a scrappy project and it'd be a lot of set up to start looking for how to solve it. Sorry.

as someone with a bit of a different (aka transfem) bodily experience, i really, truly love to hear about experiences like this. because despite that difference there's just so many things that resonate, and that i really appreciate hearing as someone who can sway wildly between "maximal medical transition" (my anti-binary way of describing my own goals) and then struggling with wanting to develop and appreciate (as much as i can) what i have at the moment.

messy way to say, thanks, this was really neat <3

how do i rate something more than 5 stars? that was incredibly beautiful, i'm very much left in tears. thank you, can't help but hope things work out okay for elle.

whether or not there's truth to the story, i can certainly feel the truth in its meaning (if that's not really pretentious lol). i played through in a short 15 minutes, the writing was lovely. building little images in my head to try painting and learning how to do so with little coiled snakes.

Lovely little experience and *very* sweet, and ofc solidarity to another service worker lol.