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that is so cool i didnt know about 3d noise thats so cool my recreation is trash but you should check it out (i failed and did individual blocks instead of a actual terrain soo sorry)

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how did u make caves???

(havent played yet just seen pictures)

WARNING this is a skyblock ish thing it is laggy on trash cpu XD but enjoy i might have to remake it but hopefully not (im using individual cubes lol instaid of one solid mesh im dumb)

1.2 is out fixed bugs and a few inventory bugs also right click a item to split it in half drag and drop it to combine!! Have Fun :)

this game now has shifting camera movement and running!! double tap W to run :) have fun!!!

Doomsday community · Created a new topic plz

do it plz

i just dowloaded it and its done but i cant play it D:

Doomsday community · Created a new topic umm im confused

once i download, is there a public time to play at 11:00????