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Hey Heirey! I have been working on a game using this asset pack for a few weeks now, and I am trying to make it more complicated. Would there be any chance of new animations being added for the hero? (Wall Grab/Hang, more attacks) or any further expansions to this pack?! Would love to make the game really stand out.

Edit: Would also love a better example of how to use a lot of the small parts that are not shown off in your screenshots. Trying to figure out how to put them together heh


Fantastic tileset! Purchased right away. Only note, the tileset is 8x8 but you state its compatible with 16x16 which confused me a bit. :) Might want to specify tileset size in description. Otherwise freaking amazing work!!!

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Any chance you'd be able to do a few custom animations for this Sprite? Sent you a DM on Twitter :)

Fantastic looking art! Hope to see more!

No problem, keep up the amazing work!

Sir are you available for custom work?

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Bought and already looks amazing as a replacement tileset in the game im making. Thanks so much for this one!!! The only thing id recommend adding is if possible an example of the tiles (such as a .tiled file maybe) makes it easier to understand.

Downloaded and implemented in no time. Extremely well organized and very effective state system! I will be using for all my upcoming projects. Thanks so much Pixelated Pope!

These sprites are amazing! Are you available for custom designs of these (not based on Critical Role)? :)

Unable to buy the asset :( Says you cannot accept Paypal Payments

Are you available for custom work?

Is there any chance of getting multi-attacks for this pack? (Comboing attacks together with slightly different animations?) :) Purchasing now!