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Fantastic tileset! Purchased right away. Only note, the tileset is 8x8 but you state its compatible with 16x16 which confused me a bit. :) Might want to specify tileset size in description. Otherwise freaking amazing work!!!

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Any chance you'd be able to do a few custom animations for this Sprite? Sent you a DM on Twitter :)

Fantastic looking art! Hope to see more!

No problem, keep up the amazing work!

Sir are you available for custom work?

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Bought and already looks amazing as a replacement tileset in the game im making. Thanks so much for this one!!! The only thing id recommend adding is if possible an example of the tiles (such as a .tiled file maybe) makes it easier to understand.

Downloaded and implemented in no time. Extremely well organized and very effective state system! I will be using for all my upcoming projects. Thanks so much Pixelated Pope!

These sprites are amazing! Are you available for custom designs of these (not based on Critical Role)? :)

Unable to buy the asset :( Says you cannot accept Paypal Payments

Are you available for custom work?

Is there any chance of getting multi-attacks for this pack? (Comboing attacks together with slightly different animations?) :) Purchasing now!