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ill def look into it - thanks! :-)

This is so fun! Getting to meet the different aliens and hearing their banter was my favourite part. The animations are so full of character!

This looks so cute!! Unfortunately I use a Mac and received an error code "The application can't be opened." Is this something that can be fixed? I look forward to playing your game soon!

So nostalgic and so sweet! I really loved all the flavour text (hehe) on the foods and objects. Small changes over the years and the main chara's relationships with all the NPCs makes the game feel so alive <3

this was so nice! the chara designs are so fun and the writing is really compelling. the flavour text and fishies was so charming - i want to catch more! love the art too!!

this was so thought provoking and existential! really captured the mixed bag of striking up conversation with strangers and had so many different perspectives. the art, especially the little portraits, is sooo cool. the charas near the end were my favourite! <3