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Cool game 😎
Played it on PC 

Cool game like Garten of banban

(PS: the chase music is copyrighted)

4 min gameplay

There are many secret codes left.

Not sure what more can be unlocked yet.

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It's a decent game 

but please consider removing the static radio noise . That is annoying .

WTF lol

This game is awesome.

funny characters + the unlimited ammo cheat makes it more fun . hehe

Already bought on Steam. 😎
This game is awesome but you may also get too scared the first time. Hehe

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Great game 👍

Damn ! It's addictive . Nicely done.
If it was on mobile many people would play for days or months...

Nice . It's inspired from Keplerians Ice Scream game series ? 


12 12 12 🤣🤣

wtf! change the movement to work when key stays pressed ! :P

Yay ! 😁

waiting for baby in yellow new update :P 

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At first the controls and camera looked weird but few minutes later I figured how everything worked and game is pretty smooth . 👍

The camera is fixed to Teddy so we can't go far from it . 🐻

 The girl is blind , she can only see through Teddy .. 👧🐻

I just haven't found all hidden children though . I just saw 1 of them . 👶

The game can be finished in 13 mins. . Maybe  you can add more ? It would be nice . And post the game on Steam ! 

Awesome game !
Also , I won in unfriendly mode 😁

link expired . you need to enable option 'set link to never expire'

What was this ? walking controls are weird .

Whole game ended in like 2 minutes ?

Just played this ! Awesome update !