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any chance this will get gay relations and/or sex

So Liam and Sebastian can both be romanced in a poly?

thats gonna take forever 

cyne is the bottom, huh? 馃サ

ah my bad. The 鈥渕ore posts鈥 tab on this page shows the last post is from may 21 2020. And I could not find anything else

looks like the project is dead?

Is there a release date for the first step?

I really love the first part of the chapter. It's very easy to read and I love the impact the choices already have. I sincerely can't wait for more.

will the full game come to>?

the latest version says october 2021?

Honestly that intro was really hot and I can't wait for more. Just a question though: in future sex scenes will we be able to choose to be bottom or top?

Is there a poly route?

Is the project dead or....?

is Karim a love option?

can i play as a dominant character?

it mentions dominant/submissive relationships. Is that a choice I can make myself or are they character locked? because I would like to be the dominant one for example

i didn鈥檛 imply that there was a problem. Just wondered about the sentence.

"a quest to explore his sexuality with a little help from his older cousin" you can fuck your cousin?

i assume it鈥檚 gxb?

Is there a discord?

please don鈥檛 lock the love interests behind a gender wall….

Can Zach be the top in the nsfw scenes?

It's good so far, only the "loading screens of blackness" are really  destroying immersion since it suddenly cuts of the story and music out of nowhere. 

hi! the description mentions 96k words, is that only for the current chapters(1+2) or will that be the count with all chapters combined?