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cool game, got a bit scared a few times. i like seeing elements of light horror in a horror game like the teddy bear, and would like if more things like that would be added. just scary moments that you could miss, but if not are very powerful. Like putting something in the background whilst you're playing on the arcade machine. or atleast something along those lines.

very much cool, will wishlist.

love the art style, the music, the sound effects, the camera, the animation and this demo was a great showcase of all that, though i would like to see some combat, i think this game would fit well with it. and i'm assuming so much is planned already, i just long to see how it would look like in this game.

Combat would fit perfectly in the type of environment this game (demo) displays .

9/10 for what vision i see for this game's future (if any) by playing this demo. Liked everything about it, except maybe that i want to see more of it, and the demo certainly excited me but didn't quench that immediate thirst by just walking in forest.

 would def consider giving you all my money if a game where to come from this.

great game