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I found the BEEF!
(lol, I was assuming Beef referred to some man junk, since I expect that from your games, haha)

It's really great. Thanks for making this.

Only if it specified yes, then no.

Yes, it just says, "The application “Build” can’t be opened."

I can't seem to run the Mac version. I'm running OS Monterey. Any ideas?

Question, it does end with the question about the Pillars, correct? If not, there's a bug because the game starts over then.

I came back to it today and tried again. I realized there's a bug where I could walk over the image of the woods, but did not realize I could fiddle with the machine until today. Solved it.

Oh, this is really gorgeous. The City always needs more cyberpunk! 

I got to the woods screen by walking on the first arrow on the start screen, but once I got there, I could not figure out what to do or where to go next. 

I'm stuck on the woods screen!

Nevermind! It seems to have corrected itself. Randomly, Bud just says a sheep was returned to the pen, so I was able to get the 10 I needed.

Great ending. I liked the banter and the love/heart meter.

I have a weird issue. In day 2 when I need to round up 10 sheep, I run out of carrots before I get the last one. I collected more than 3 sheep on the first day, so I think that is why. I'm afraid I can't finish the current day now. 

Is it possible to tie this in with giving 100% of the proceeds from Black Friday sales to the charity?

Is it possible to set up a sale so that 100% of the income (from itch and us) goes to the charity?


I really love this game. Nice work.