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Funny short horror game! Love the slender vibes it gave off!

Such a meme game!! I really loved it! these are the type of small indie games I really enjoy playing! 5/5 good game!

8.5/10, overall fun short game to play!! 

I have to say. This is one of the most scariest asylum horror games I have ever played! and I absolutely loved it! really hope to play more games like this

I love games like this! That spooky motel vibe out in the middle of no where! SPOILER: IT has good jumpscares! 10/10

this was probably the most scariest "abandon hospital" game I have ever played! I really loved the graphics along with the sound effects in this game! I really hope I can play more like this one soon!

First off... I hate dolls.. Second, this game gave me the chills. But, I did really enjoy playing this game!

This was probably the most scariest nightmare horror game I have ever played! overall really enjoyed it!

Now this was a game! thank you for letting me play this game! really hope to see more content like this in the future!

Poor Carl Weezer /: i really enjoyed playing this game!

I have a fear of the ocean... So this game was something very interesting! Overall enjoyed it!

Very scary short horror game! I really hope I can play more games like this in the future!

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yes!! this game was really fun to play! please make more content soon! I also followed you, so I'll love to make another video based off any horror games you make :D

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Dear MRCONQUEROR, I really enjoyed this game! I really hope you make more games like this one! keep up the good work!

who's birthday is it???

Fun short horror game! This game gave me the chills! Loved it!

I really loved this game a lot! Im scared of snakes... so it was perfect :)

Now this game was something else! I would say it was the best short horror game ever!

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I almost pooped myself... pretty fun short horror game!

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I got scared over a darn Scarecrow... Really fun game!!

THIS GIRL IS A YANDERE!! Overall very fun and thrilling game!!