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This is by far the hardest spongebob horror game i've played! wish there was checkpoints /: overall pretty good!

10/10 game, love it 😂😂😂

This game was just creepy and gave me chills! hope to see more!

yikes.. loved this game!

was not expecting that all!! 

This game gave me the chills!!!

Loved this game! 10/10!!

7.5/10 Game, overall I really enjoyed this!

I give this game a solid 8.5/10, and here's why!

Very fun and simple game! 5/5 short horror and jumpscare! love it alot 

I'm personally not a fan of this game... I feel the development might of been a little rushed... A lot of the interaction buttons were very off, and the jump scare wasn't really built up.. It's  more of just a video that was played at the end, rather than the audience playing the actual game. Overall 1/5

Funny short horror game! Love the slender vibes it gave off!

Such a meme game!! I really loved it! these are the type of small indie games I really enjoy playing! 5/5 good game!

8.5/10, overall fun short game to play!! 

I have to say. This is one of the most scariest asylum horror games I have ever played! and I absolutely loved it! really hope to play more games like this

I love games like this! That spooky motel vibe out in the middle of no where! SPOILER: IT has good jumpscares! 10/10

this was probably the most scariest "abandon hospital" game I have ever played! I really loved the graphics along with the sound effects in this game! I really hope I can play more like this one soon!

First off... I hate dolls.. Second, this game gave me the chills. But, I did really enjoy playing this game!

This was probably the most scariest nightmare horror game I have ever played! overall really enjoyed it!

Now this was a game! thank you for letting me play this game! really hope to see more content like this in the future!

Poor Carl Weezer /: i really enjoyed playing this game!

I have a fear of the ocean... So this game was something very interesting! Overall enjoyed it!

Very scary short horror game! I really hope I can play more games like this in the future!

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Dear MRCONQUEROR, I really enjoyed this game! I really hope you make more games like this one! keep up the good work!

who's birthday is it???

Fun short horror game! This game gave me the chills! Loved it!

I really loved this game a lot! Im scared of snakes... so it was perfect :)

Now this game was something else! I would say it was the best short horror game ever!

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I got scared over a darn Scarecrow... Really fun game!!

THIS GIRL IS A YANDERE!! Overall very fun and thrilling game!!