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Thank you for playing!

The fact that people still play my little silly game after four years fills me with joy. Thank you!

I was about to run the adventure this evening but got caught up with the secrets and I couldn't stop until I found all three! Excellent stuff. I'm also planning to run this for another player after I give it a go myself, as an intro for Mothership. Any tips?

Thank you for the offer but I don't really consider myself an indie dev tbh, I haven't work in these kinds of projects for a really long time. Glad you liked the game though!


Thank you!

Thank you! Yeah, some kind of level counter would've definitely helped here. Also displaying the controls in-game, since it looks like some people didn't notice you can restart the shots.

Thank you!

There is! Press space to immediately prepare the next shot.

Gracias por jugar, me alegro de que te haya gustado!

Thank you for playing :)

Gracias por jugar! Normalmente se pueden completar todos los niveles de una sentada en menos de una hora, por eso no le metí guardado :p

Hey. Can you be more specific? What happens exactly? Did you play in your browser or did you download the game?

Sorry to hear that! The purple area is an ordinary obstacle, it makes you fail the shot so you have to use the planet's gravity to reach the black hole. It's just a matter of using the right power and direction. The game can be difficult sometimes, but eventually you can beat even the hardest level. Hope you give it another shot :)

Hey there! I'm a newbie too. I used Ableton Live for the music and the SFX. I had some ideas for the song, watched a couple of tutorials and the rest was just messing around with the program for hours. I'd say find some chords you like and build the song around them? Websites like this one can help a lot.

Wow this is amazing! I honestly didn't expect anything like this. Void Golf is my first game so this means a lot. Glad you liked it :)

Glad you liked it!