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LMAO our art is done but we're having some problem coding waves of enemies lololol 

AND we also forgot we had to focus on the theme BUT I think it's working out fine even if it's just a small nudge to the artist :')


Oh, hi! I'm translating "A Tavern for Tea" right now, but if you want to contact me, just email me at and I'll start translating your game as soon as possible <3

Hello, this was a great game, I'm happy it is able to make you replay it a bunch and not bore you, and the story is pretty lovely.

If you're ever interested in translating your game to Brazilian Portuguese (PT-BR) I'd be glad to do it (I've translated Hitogotchi if you need a reference). It's just a hobbie for me so I don't charge it, and I'd be really happy to make it easier for more people to play it.

Really cute game, I'm looking forward for more gameplays on this universe, maybe a bigger look at the character's stories, specially the tavern owner, as the game almost doesn't talk about you. <3

Hey, I absolutely loved this demo, all the characters are really cute, and the game already sets it's atmosphere!

If you ever want to translate the game to Brazilian Portuguese just send me an email and we can work on it. I do it just for fun, so I don't charge for it, and I've already made a translation on the game Hitogotchi.

Lovely game, hope to see more updates soon <3

Thanks ^^ and also thanks for the game, it is really fun and cute <3

Okay ^^ Even if it's just a little game, it was a really cute experience and I really enjoyed it! Thanks for the game, I'll love to help with any translations, so feel free to ask <3

Loved the game ((and the Cupid's character design as you can see)) so I did a little fanart <3

Are you guys planning on adding any translations? I would love to help with the Brazilian Portuguese one, it's a pretty cute game and it would be really fast to translate!

Are you guys planning on adding a Brazilian Portuguese translation? I would love to help translating the game to my native language, I loved it!