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i dont understand combat. does guarding tire the enemy out?

that was a long pee

I love how this still has the same vibe as Buggerworld, but is still distinct. Also looks like theres a more developed story? I'm super excited for the rest. Does the ending mean you plan to release it sometime next year? I'll go water my flowers till then.

this is really great, id love more short stories in this style

Is the circle of sleeping people a Paranoia Agent reference?

(This is just a tiny rant but I do really like the game.)

The train boss is very annoying, even on Normal difficulty. The slam attack hardly has a windup and the hitboxes just feel too big/last too long. The tip to do the back attack doesnt really help cause there's projectiles crawling on the ground every time it does the slam attack. And the charge attack would be much more bearable if I could hook through the smokestack or if the hitbox was smaller. Also when it turns around I immediately get hit by it's face, get knocked backwards, it turns again, and I get hit and knocked back again.

I really enjoyed the Wraith boss, I still died a ton but it felt way more fair when I died. Even then I was eager to try again against it. With the Train, I feel like I'm just being juggled around. Again, I'm just nagging. Honestly the boss is fine, its just the reaction time needed to dodge things feels way more demanding than earlier parts. I did beat it on the first try on the lowest two difficulties but I feel like the jump from those to Normal is a bit much.

I like the designs

I think I'm an idiot because I don't know how to collect the planks

Do the spray cans mean anything, why are they interactive?

This is neat

Whenever I try to retreat the game crashes and when I reload the game all my progress is gone.

I think I killed the Lich but he is just kind of hunched over and there isn't an end screen?

i dont get the ending but it was a cool gam

I'm buying this the first day it gets released.

I like the story and the characters but I feel like the combat needs more reworking. It's kinda frustrating when your cards become unusable every second. Also it feels like the partner's only ever draw bad cards. And everytime you lose you start with less time so you might as well just reload your save if you're stuck.

Giant Salami

This is really cool. How big is the final version planned to be? 

the music stops playing after like a minute or 2. 

The animations and music are fantastic.