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I REALLY enjoyed this game! The jump scares got me good! Somehow, I managed to break the game during my first play through and had to start over, but even then I enjoyed myself. Looking forward to the full version and thanks for making an awesome game!

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This is SUCH a fun game and cool concept! I grew up playing the game Army Men and even playing with actual green plastic army in my front yard, so this hits all the right notes for me. I futzed around with it in the beginning trying to figure things out, but I had a lot of fun when I got the hang of things! I will definitely be making more videos about this game and really look forward to the future of its development! Bravo on making a fantastic game, would highly recommend everyone giving it a shot! 

And I am very glad I did! What wonderfully weird game! I feel like I only scratched the surface and will be doing a livestream later on to really look around the game, but so far I am really impressed. Very unique concept and very fun to play. Really looking forward to seeing more :)

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Could not finish the game do to sheer terror, but otherwise a really fun game and cool concept. Was really intrigued by the submarine being controlled with just the mouse. Had a great time :)

This is SUCH a cool game! big fan of the art style, and what a unique concept! Definitely going to be checking this out more in the future, but very impressed by what I have seen so far! I was unsure about the combat before I tried it, but I really enjoyed it. Very cool :)

I really enjoyed this game! It is a very original concept and I was in love with the aesthetic. Very much enjoyed my time with it :)

I really enjoyed the demo! My wife asked me to try it out, and I am very glad I did! I really enjoyed the music and the game was absolutely gorgeous. Very chill and relaxed story as well. Really looking forward to playing the full game!

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Truly the most terrifying game I have ever played. I was absolutely scared pantsless from beginning to end. Something about the atmosphere, the pace, and the ambience... it really just gripped me from start to finish. I left not ever wanting to play a game like this again, kudos.

VERY creepy! I spent a LOT of time playing games like this as a kid and the idea this game just gave me goosebumps the entire time. BRAVO!

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I really enjoyed this game! Very unsettling.