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That sounds good. Hit me up if you need any playtesters.

couldnt download this one, as there was no Install option. Error message is "No compatible uploads were found for this title"

Interesting idea, but there is no gameplay premise other than "stand around for a few minutes till a tree is grown, then do it again". The only way you can die is by using up your energy through moving, forcing you to stand still the whole time. Would be way more engaging and fun if u had to create some sort of ecosystem for the tree to grown in and micromanage different parts, cuz this game desperately needs Engagement.

Very good Game! Music is catchy, sfx is good as well. Main mechanic is engaging and demands some thought/reaction. Enjoyed the short playthrough. Graphics are obviously not polished, but function well.

great idea, lackluster presentation and tutorial. Had interesting levels, but the combination of a 3 sec. timer and only 1 sec. move time did not feel very engaging. Reccomend for people who like simple and not very polished flash games.

cute and cool game. i think it could have had a tutorial since (at least for me) the mechanics werent as clear or better indicators of what to do. But thats nitpicking for a game made in a 48 hours jam and i stilld efinitely think its a fun game. rated 5/5 cats

really good concept that definitely could be made in to very good full game. By now it is very basic but there is loads of potential to create power ups, new levels and different towers.