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Thanks so much for playing! <3 Say hi to your hamster for me!

Just popping in to say the yellow on yellow on yellow is literally unreadable. I can only see what I am typing now by highlighting the text. Might want to change the colors.

It's a good thing I speak whale. WHhHoOOOAaa aaaooaouuauu.. . ..

Gorgeous and charming, as always. Love the drawing of the whale!

Pressing F to pay respects..

Seconding interest in transparent backgrounds! :)

I understand how difficult it will be to implement, but I'm sure everyone appreciates how dedicated you are!

Will insta-buy as soon as you have more skin tones! Already looks very promising, and looking forward to seeing how this tool grows and changes. :)

You are so welcome! Thanks for giving it a try and for leaving such a wonderful comment. It gave me a big grin as I read it. :D

Absolutely charming, a little funny and just a joy to play. :) 

Aww, thanks so much! :D The window took a very long time to draw. I'm always tempted to eat those treats, they do smell good!

So sweet! I really like how you made a retry feature that was shortened, it was a clever idea. 

Wow, I can't believe this was done in Bitsy! You got so inventive with it. 853 rooms, I can't even imagine. This game is so fun I kept smiling every time I died. Absolutely charming. :)

Thanks so much for the sweet comment! I have a hamster of my own named Elmo and those are his favorite. I'm very tempted to try them, they smell delicious.

oh no!!