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I can't for the life of me understand why you would separate sex acts by straight and gay, or by cis and trans, and so on. In the context provided, it seems like some sort of content warning when it's listed along phobias and triggers, as if homophobes and transphobes who want to play adult games would be using the system to filter it out. (If you can't handle the fact that gay and trans people exist, you shouldn't be using the internet.) 

If its a searchable category and tied to adult games, it's going to be used for fetishization, (you even included 'fetish' as a category.) On a website that is home to many LGBT-friendly games, made by gay and trans creators, serving up different groups for users to consume for fetish purposes is weird and uncomfortable.

If I put aside my confusion, disdain and disgust at why you have separated these things, why you think gay sex is any different from straight sex and how you fail to see that trans people having sex would still be gay or straight, (because trans men are men and trans women are women, and trans is not a gender in itself, nor is intersex...) I still can't understand why there is a need or a reason in a content and age rating system to separate and label these things, as if it any of it would matter when deciding if a game is inappropriate before buying or playing. It seems like a lot of unnecessary information and not at all useful and I'm failing to understand why you would bother to separate and label it all like that in the first place.

If the main reason for a system like this is to keep children or teens from playing age-inappropriate games, it would matter if there was sex but not what kind. It's still sex. I just don't get it.

I feel like it's important to keep in mind context and think of a way to implement content/trigger warnings while designing your rating system, because I feel it would be hard to implement after the fact and there will be some overlap. It's difficult because there are plenty of adults that are just fine playing a game with sexual content, but not something with a rape scene or even a mention of it, and it's not feasible to only play games made for children in order to avoid it.

If you could manage it, finding a way to either tie in trigger warnings to your age/maturity level ratings or come up with a tagging system for triggers would be great. A tagging system could work like the existing one, but without a limit of 10, and users could blacklist certain tags and either have games using that tag hidden completely, or they get a warning when attempting to view a page tagged with it, and a prompt asking if they want to continue, yes or no . The content/trigger warning tags could show up in the same place, under More Information.

Don't have much to say for the age/maturity rating system itself that hasn't already been said, but wanted to make sure I at least brought this up so that it could be considered.

Just popping in to say the yellow on yellow on yellow is literally unreadable. I can only see what I am typing now by highlighting the text. Might want to change the colors.

It's a good thing I speak whale. WHhHoOOOAaa aaaooaouuauu.. . ..

Gorgeous and charming, as always. Love the drawing of the whale!

Pressing F to pay respects..

Seconding interest in transparent backgrounds! :)

I understand how difficult it will be to implement, but I'm sure everyone appreciates how dedicated you are!

Will insta-buy as soon as you have more skin tones! Already looks very promising, and looking forward to seeing how this tool grows and changes. :)

You are so welcome! Thanks for giving it a try and for leaving such a wonderful comment. It gave me a big grin as I read it. :D

Absolutely charming, a little funny and just a joy to play. :) 

Aww, thanks so much! :D The window took a very long time to draw. I'm always tempted to eat those treats, they do smell good!

So sweet! I really like how you made a retry feature that was shortened, it was a clever idea. 

Wow, I can't believe this was done in Bitsy! You got so inventive with it. 853 rooms, I can't even imagine. This game is so fun I kept smiling every time I died. Absolutely charming. :)

Thanks so much for the sweet comment! I have a hamster of my own named Elmo and those are his favorite. I'm very tempted to try them, they smell delicious.

oh no!!