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Just a note: It wasn't obvious in the tutorial that I had to pick Rattata (unless it said it in the text and I missed it, in which case, oops)/ I was trying to play Pidgey but it just wasn't working, until I realized I needed to play Rattata.

This was really good!! I only played it once-are there two endings?

Is there supposed to be a black box at the very beginning?

The tutorial seems broken? The part with " pick bonuses..." is off to the side and cut off so I can't read it, and I can't place the piece in the indicated spot.

The jump button keeps getting pressed even though I'm not pressing it.

What is the benefit of the wide temple (the 5th building)? It seems to do the same as the previous building, except it's bigger.

After "how old is your husband" and two or three "..." 's the game went back to the title screen. Is that supposed to happen? I didn't see anything that would indicate I got the bad end.

Jeez this gets depressing...

I like it so far, but it seems like it plays too much into stereotypes sometimes-why should good grades cost fun, or your first love cost grades?

Are you ok? Don't kill yourself please.