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Thanks for the video

Thanks Marco

Cheers. First to review as always :D

Cheers Charlie. Just watch out for those beacons :D

Miss you stepz, you beautiful man


I see it got the better of you - once you master the first level, it gets easier :)

I've given you a follow on Twitch :)

Nice - good to see you mastering some strats already :)

Possibly. I'm going back to a different C64 game first - a suped-up C64 version of Hercules Redux I released on C16/Plus4 last year.

I may port this over after that... although my backlog is long :D

Practice makes perfect ;)

Thanks Marco

Hi - thanks for playing. The original levels match the difficulty of the original, which I agree is quite challenging. But there is a 'strategy' to complete all levels. Most levels the strategy isn't too hard to pull off once you learn it. You can use the infinite lives cheat to practice.

My testers have both completed the game already without cheats.

Thank you, Marco

Thanks Luca. And thanks for your help with the final testing.

Now to get those high-scores logged on plus4world!

Wow! Impressive

I do need to turn this into a full game - something to add to the list for 2022!

Thanks Captain Zap. Appreciated.

Ta very much!

You're welcome. Enjoy!

Thank you!

Absolutely no problem at all :)


Thanks for the positive comment. I appreciate that.

The sound issue is probably down to the hardware emulation of the SID chip I imagine. It's not an issue I've come across in Vice or on a real C64.

Hi Nikki, thanks for playing,

I think it's a side-effect of trying to squeeze the code in below $1000 in memory. Something in the C64 system seems to over-write a byte of the text - I wasn't able to isolate what it was. In the tape release I think the code will be relocated so it doesn't happen.

Thanks. It is possible....just. :D

Yeah, with only 4 levels I didn't want it to be too easy to complete :D

Nice going! Have only managed about 2600 myself :D

True :D

This is ridiculously good. What is wrong with you? Stop making me look like the amateur I am...

Seriously though, I am in equal parts impressed and utterly jealous. Keep it up!

Really useful this, thanks a lot.

Thank you. I appreciate the support.

Thanks Marco

Thanks Jeff. Appreciate the support.

Thanks for your kind comments.

If I were to implement a zoom function it would require more memory for graphics and code and would most likely mean that I would have to lose a number of levels to make space. I don't think a zoom function would really add anything to the gameplay and I'd rather have 40 different levels.

Thanks for you comments, I appreciate that. I'll think about if there's a way to show your score and the high score when you die.

Or if you practice more, you'll get a high score anyway :D

High scores can be saved on any title screen - you don't have to wait until the high score screen is displayed.

Thank you :)

Thank you. And thanks for the brilliant music and sound fx. Really makes the game.

That's great news! Thanks!

Thanks for your kind words vitno.

It's something I'll think about - I think originally I had them the other way round, but it didn't feel right to me :D