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Very good job! :-) - Very good ideas in this Arkanoid-like game! You should continue with some updates including mouse/paddle support, please!

I understand, no problem. :-) In any case, I appreciated this, because it's a good idea and fun.

Thanks for your work, It would be great for the original machine too! ;-)

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Very nice work! ;-) You can really do your best with 3D-games like this and Gates of the Ancient so you should try to make your next game version from this awesomeness with adding some weapons and enemies, please!

I really miss those quality games too.

Good idea, that would be great! :-)

Very good job! :-)

Very nice but very hard game! :)

Good job! :)

Amazing work!

Congrats for your development!

Good luck for this GREAT project! :)

Very nice game, congrats! :)

Good news! :)

Very good ideas, thanks for your work! :)

Tenebra – MEGJELENT!

Very good job, thanks for another game for mouse 1351! Keep up your great workings! :)

Good news. It was mostly hard because time was low after I collected the most of presents but I like how it can be complete the harder levels in the last seconds. :)

Thank you! :) Its a very challenging game in later levels! :)

Very nice game! :) Merry XMAS and keep up your great work!

Good job as usual! :)


Great remake, keep up your works!


Very nice and exciting game, many thanks for your workings again! Cosmic Combat Deluxe

Good ideas, simple but nice puzzle game for this season! :) Santa’s Workout

Thanks for your great work, its fantastic to see if any old good games are coming again! :) Bagman Comes Back

Thanks for the information, and you did another great work! Shared on my page: ;)

I liked the first one, very challenging game especially after reaching the 4th level. :) Waiting for this too.

Not yet, but you can get the game as a free part of a magazine mentioned here:

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Very good game, thanks for your workings! :)

Great game! I really wait for the final release! :)

Thanks again!

Its cool! Will it happen on Commodore 64 too, please?

Congratulations! After some playing I can say easily this will be another great game for the Commodore 64 Community! :)

It looks really great, thanks for your work!

Its very good game! Keep up your great workings!!!!

English version please!!!!

I love it as a big fan of West Bank game! Many thanks for your workings, keep it up! :)

Great ideas and animations.

nice ideas in SEUCK.

Keep your great work for Commodore 64!!!! :)