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C64 Mat

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Excellent, that was a quick turnaround! Can't wait *⁠\⁠0⁠/⁠*

Purchased with a little extra. Cannot wait to dig in.

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Not had time to play yet, but I'm a fan of seeing what can be achieved with BASIC and loving the new price!

As always, I follow your progress with keen interest. I particular like the graphics for the torches on the rear walls - The way they appear to light up the rocks surrounding them. It's a great touch. Looking forward to seeing it all moving together!

Back in the game!

Always ready for these new C64 releases!

You'll soon be able to rate and review this game on Lemon64!

Awesome; thank you! Purchased this morning, btw :)

For the purpose of accreditation at Lemon64, who did the fantastic box art please? :D

No worries; Thank you!


If I want to redownload this game from, do I now need to purchase it?

 Cheers :)


Oh, lovely! That makes a lot of sense.

I think flick-sceen sounds great, but I also like progressing through single screen levels too... 

So looking forward to this! Come on already!

Love the use of hi-res mode. Not enough C64 games (that aren't Spectrum ports) use it. Nice to see some none-chunky backgrounds!

The way you manipulate the character set to track the balls around is ingenious, especially with the speed fluctuations and the like, such as the combos. Outstanding job!

Knowing how character sets and sprites work on the C64, this is quite the achievement! Very impressed with the content too, including the pole vaulting zombies and the night levels. Just well done all around!

a .crt file is just a C64 cartridge ROM - it allows you to go down the multiload / disc access route, but you're reading from a cartridge ROM (or emulated version of one) so it's much faster than reading from disc, that's all :)

Fantastic game. The Zzap review was embarrassingly bad. Terribly written, structure all over the place, and the reviewer even states he doesn't like 3D space games like Elite, and doesn't enjoy trading either (later game stuff). FFS.

Outstanding! Loving these demakes


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Bring on the C64 games!

Gotta be worth the $3 :D

Come on! Looking forward to seeing where this goes... Will you be implementing a CRT version of this for emulators / easy flash users?

Of course I'm very much looking forward to it, but I hate the idea of the digital version having cut content, especially as people buy from to support developers such as yourself.

If it's an attempt to get around the cracking scene, it's not the right way to go about it - someone will distribute the "full" version regardless.

Games having bits shaved off and split into piecemeal chunks which vary by platform as a "bonus" or "exclusive content" is one of the many things that plague modern gaming. There's no place for it on retro platforms.

Just my $0.02

Good luck with all your planned developments!

Absolutely love the whole concept of this game! Thank you :D


I believe you're already aware of the invincibility bug - apart from that I haven't had any issues, but I've been enjoying it a lot rather than trying to break it.

Congratulations! I hope it continues to do well, and I hope the C64 resurgence keeps going strong too!

Bring it on! W00t!

Got me at "Ghost"! Have you played the modern day versions of UnEpic Fran's games? Just completed Un-Metal - fantastic game.

Looking forward to this very much!

Oh no you didn't... Oh YES you DID! Can't wait to try these out. As usual you go above and beyond... Also contains text box heads which match your previously released characters? Thank you very much!

Astonishing. You're such a talented artist.

Commodore goodness!

Always ready for MORE SIXTY-FOUR!

More C64 releases! Omnomnom!

I'm always in for new C64 releases!

I've said it before and I'll say it again - the value for these asset packs is incredible. How much work goes into this, and the quality of what you get, is so far beyond the asking price it's insane.

I've purchased packs for literally ten times the price and gotten far less, in both quality and quantity.

Please pay the paltry sum for this amazing and huge asset pack. It's well worth supporting!

I drove a boot once. Much more sole than a Lamborghini.

I abandoned a hose once. Flooded the cellar. Never again.

Wrote a comment confusing Protovision with Psytronik Software. Deleted. Stoked to see this get released! Bought straight away :D

It's unbelievable how inexpensive these assets are, especially with how often they get updated. The modern interiors were exemplary, but the exteriors are legendary. Absolutely love them.