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you should visit the project page. i spent a lot of time on it :)

This was really nice!

I ran this for my friends and it was really fun! They were able to successfully extract the president from DEMON FUCKED CLEVELAND with only 30 minutes to spare. One of my friends, in typical him fashion, stayed behind and seduced the demon queen before getting blown into oblivion. Overall, good, demony fun!

I wound up using a super modified version of Blades in the Dark because I do not like stats and battlemaps and whatnot. I might post the adjusted playbooks somewhere if I feel like it.

Here's a slideshow that I used to introduce my players to the premise/setting! Feel free to steal/modify for your own game. :)

This game is fantastic!!!

I just finished up playing it with a friend of mine and we were wrecks by the end. It's very emotionally intense - in the best way. If you like Wretched and Alone games but wish you could make someone suffer with you, this is the game for you. 

My only nitpick is that the pages are split up a bit weird - the rescue text for the exile wound up in the solitude's manual. I had to spoil myself to reformat it, and believe me, this is a game you need to go in blind to. 

That being said, I'm going to absolutely destroy more of my friends with this. If you're thinking of getting this, it's 100% worth it. Thank you, kind author, for a very enjoyable evening!