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Alright, we didn’t want to go into details on here (because we hoped people who found interest in the subject would do their research, but I suppose we still have to prove everything nowadays...)

According to ISFE (Interactive Software Federation of Europe) « key facts from 2019 » ( )
46% of gamers are women, and 63% actually play on tablet and mobile phones .
Also, in her wonderful book called « invisible women », Caroline criado perez wrote :
« Men are most likely to have a fairly simple travel pattern : a twice daily commute in and out of town. But women’s travel patterns tend to be more complicated. Women do 75% of the world’s unpaid care work and this affects their travel needs. A typical female travel pattern involves, for example, dropping off at school before going to work; taking an elderly relative to the doctor and doing the grocery shopping on the way home. This is called « trip-chaining », a travel pattern of several small interconnected trips that has been observed in women around the world »
I invite you to read her book, a third of it is actually endnotes on the ressources she used.
While I understand how this can be shocking, it is the reality of our world. We understand that not all women have the same gaming habits, but it would be foolish to ignore the fact that a large portion of mobile gaming is in fact feminine. And since we are not (yet!) a political party to help women live better lives, we wanted to make it more enjoyable with the power we had.

Nicely done, a few things in the UI to update in order to make the game more playable (sometimes I'm dying but I don't understand why) but overall it's fun and addictive !

Nice highly addictive and on point with current events XD

When I saw your game, it reminded me of a very old game I use to play (in the 1990s) and I had nostaligia chills! I would play until I know every possible outcomes

Very nice and beautiful game. I would have made the object in which you can collide more obvious than the background, I had difficulties know on what to jump

The concept really made me laugh!!! very nice

I really like the concept, I thought I was going to another but instead it had some depth to it, maybe change the miniature? But other than that, great game (and yeah, multiplayer would be insane)

Nice game! we can see the work you put into the details. For the intro, instead of making the text go faster on click, I would have made it appear entirely.

The concept is insane, I want it on my phone NOW

I couldn't understand what to do with it... But it definitely has a nice design and I'm loving the music

Very nicely done, can't wait to see what you will add to this game (if you plan on continuing to dev)

NICE! very addictive indeed!!!

very nice game! I didn't get it right away (maybe add a quick tutorial?) but other than that I'm very impressed by what you've achieved in so little time!

I didn't quite get how to play the game but I did have a great laugh !

Hey guys! great game concept and illustrations! Animations and sound effect are also great :)

You never know...