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oh mais c'est hyper chou(ette) !

I discovered this game in stream and played it latter. I have no idea why it touched me that much, why it maked me interrogate hunting like that, maybe because it's sacrify , not hunting for food, maybe because it isn't hunt among a lot of other things to do, I don't know, but it broke my heart. I tried to avoid sacrifiying creatures, i tried to stop the fire with the spear, and I had to face the inneluctability of the destruction
I have no idea if it's something you were thinking about when you created the game, but it was a strong expérience

c'était très très chouette ! :D

(mais on ne peut pas *pet the creature*, et ça c'est toujours très triste T·T )

:o ♥

ohhh thank you  ! 

Like the rest I found the palette by trying things and "hey this color is nice  !" and "Ohhh and this other works great with the first one !" ^^

thank you  ! ❤

thank you ! It's the first one I made, I m so happy to see there is people who like it  ❤

super sympa !

c'est chouuuuuuu ! ♥

thank you  ! 

Cette petite danse entre les minis jeux ! elle est parfaite ! :D

Je n'ai pas encore tout compris, certains sont loin d’être évidents, mais c'est marrant.

Et c'est cool de montrer plein de sexualités :)

ohhh c'est ultra chou ! ♥