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Lots of thanks for your kind words. <3

Thanks a lot! <3

Haha :D my reaction is the same for everybody using Serum. :D Maybe I'll give it a chance for Cypher2.
I really loved the jam. This is the first time when I participate as a composer only. It was super fun, but that week was super sucks when I had to participate. I had lots of things to do. Anyway, It was fun, and was pretty amazing how many producers were around on itch and how talented they are.

Novation Circuit always looked fun, but I chose another device. That bass sounds sick. Hope you enjoyed the jam as well as me. :)

Don't have to apologize. :) Good ideas! I started to mix my old tracks, and I started to add more "life", more stereo for each. I tried to add more reverb to all of it. I don't really satisfied. Maybe a little very soft chorus could be better. I tried to add another layer with pingpong effect for the leads. Maybe it will be better. Thank you, I learned a lot from you. :) Hope I will meet again. :)

Thanks a lot! I will check it out!

I really like how you speed up and down the tempo for a melody. These orchestra instruments sound great. Well done. :)

Really kind, nice melodies. It has the pixel art "sound" feel if you know what I mean. :D good job!

Great vibe. I like the drum loops behind it. The melodies are really soft and fit very well with the theme. Well done!

Thank you really much!

Finally, I had the time to check and recreate your suggestions. I've never tried to mix up noise oscillators with each other. It's so much fun! That orchestra atmo/drone is amazing. A really good idea to check it out later.

I tried to recreate the bass too, but I think I need more practice because it didn't sound okay. :D I have a Korg Opsix and I am trying to learn more of it, and it's so challenging but super fun!

Thank you for your super detailed description! It's good to hear you have time for your hobby. :) I never checked actually the person behind the Hyper Light Drifter OST, but I did, and this guy is really kind and has really great ideas on his youtube page.

Have a great day, take care!

Holy baby Jesus, Did you create those effects? I am amazed. :D Sadly I am using Ableton live.

A lot of thanks for the details! Very smart sound design. I never tried to use a synth in paraphonic mode, maybe I will somehow. This Swellotron sounds great. I've never tried vocoder in that depth. It's a really good idea again. I learned a lot, thank you. :)

You should put the whole album on Bandcamp! It is worth it. :) Sadly I didn't have the time to participate in more depth. I had to do a lot of stuff, but happily, I had a track that I was able to push. Anyway, this is an amazing jam. Nice to meet amazing people like you. :)

Holy good, these gears and you have a Tascam 8 track. I am 100% percent sure you are professional. :D 

Then I started your first track. Well, well done. I really love the depth of the story that you created. I really love it. That cover art brilliant choice!

Track one: I really love the saturated sound of the whole sound. That phaser effect top on that sounds really interesting. Well done with the mix. I have not quite the best listening station to check out the quieter part.

Track two: Oh god I love this synth so much. Please tell me how you did it. This sounds exactly the same like in the Hyper Light Drifter. Oh God, I love that game so muuuuuuch! How could be this synth so rich sounded? Layering? My guess is unison and some kinda saturation. Nope, is it an analog synth with some oscillator pitch trick? I love that noise in the background. This track is huge, I love the depth of it! Those folies in the end are cool!

Track three: Is it a voice that pitched down? Oh god, my ears have an orgasm! :D I love these noise synths, I love the motion of the bass, that sometimes just gets bigger. The motion of this track is amazing. I love how a sound gets from the background and then goes back. These simple poly rythm like melodies are perfect. I am so sad it is ended so soon. But, it makes it more important feel.

Track four: I hear your Venezuelan Cuatro. I love this lofi taste. That sub synth is still amazing. Okay I have to stop just be amazed by your sound design. Just, perfect. That mixing trick is pure gold to get everything compressed. Hell yeah.

Track five: Did you write the music of hyper light drifter? and not :D this track is a pure delight too. What are you using for noise? My guess is bandpassed pink noise, maybe?

Track six: Very incredible piano melody. Oh boy this vibe to the end, is stunning.

My first idea was to type down every idea, and feeling about your work, but I couldn't. These tracks caught me so much. These are really really deep. I am shocked at how amazing this album is. I cannot believe you did this in a week. This takes, I don't know, a month or more. These sounds design, this gear porn. Amazing. I love that fact, you put this album to Bandcamp. My favorite track is "It Writhes".

The last thing, could you give me advice, on how did you create these amazing sounds in the "It Writhes" and "The Seaside watches"? 

Good to see I'm not the only one who thought of Flashback. :D I played Flashback on my old Dingoo A320 (It died. :( )

Track 1: I really love the stepping bass, that sounds like a synthwave bass. Oh, yeah I love the drum loop. It gives a really good vibe, I never thought this drums will fit a vibe like this. Well done. It's fun, this drums sounds like the old Linkin Park's Matrix track: session. I love that track so much!

Track 2: The flute sounds good, I really love you handle how to play on an instrument like this. The drums give a really good running feel. Well done. This track really sounds like a Sound Track, well produced!

Track 3: pitching down birds' voice, amazing good idea! My guess that drum, wub-wub, psy sound comes from Novation Circuit. Cool! I love the synth that came from the background. 
So that sound that comes from 1:25, that is amazing, well sounds designed, hell yeah. It fits very well. After that higher pitched one is amazing too! I love this battle theme. It  gives the right tension.

Track 4: I really love the orchestra sound. It sounds so professional! Well done!

I never heard about Cypher2 before. Is it better the phaseplant then other modular thing? I didn't use it before (phaseplan), but I really would like to use more complex modular FX tool. And how do you use your Circuit? I mean, do you use it as a synth or more like a rythm machine?

Anyway good job. :)

You are totally right. I have to tell you, I struggled a lot, how to put the whole track to the stereo field. I was not sure how should a deal with it. A bit challenging to make a it stereo on the Tracker, but I tried to do it in the mixing phase... that I think not was enough. Do you have any suggestion what should be moved from the center? ^^ A side chain a really good idea! Maybe I will revisit my track to improve a little bit. :D

Thank you very much for your kind words, take care. :)

I am really pleased with your kind words. ^^ Yeah a really missed those times too! I think the most challenging times for a producer is to create a thing that simple and remarkable too, like simple drum and bass tracks for games. I rewritten the whole track three times, but it worth it. :D Again, thank you, take care. :)

Very lovely track. I love the fife/pipe. It sounds pretty good. A little bit suggestion, but do not take seriously :) so I think there is a part around 2:40, when too much instruments do their things in the same pitch. If you pitch down some of these like -12 notes (octave) down, it will do the job. A very good arrangement, well composed. Well done. :)

you are welcome! :) Don't get it too seriously for the first time. If you do more tracks and you catch more videos on you tube, you will get enough practice. :)

Holy smoke! I love the first track subs. These drones morphing sounds are amazing. Jeeez, this echoing, and phasing things. Daaamn. I am really impressed. Did you used any complex VST for it? Or everything just Reaper internal engine? How did you make this morphing sub thing? Damn I love it so much, it sits on my shoulder and say: Aaron, you will fall in to this ambient goodness hole.

Track two, well done, I love the fills. I love the bass, and that goa sound. Oh god, I really love how to bass and this goa sound move together.

track three: Fricking genius. I love the sounds design of the synths. So smooth, so light. These percussions are well mixed. You did a perfect job with the mixing and mastering. If you have time please put these tracks to bandcamp, please! The instruments well placed, well panned!

Track four: Oh I love how the arps goes to higher pitch. Really smart! Holy smoke, really smart ambient from the depths. Oh god, how amazing the mixing. Hope you will be on the track list. These tracks are amazing.

Track five: This sound design, kills me. These are pianos with some bit crush and saturation, I think. Not bad. :D Yeah baby, cut off trick, and so smooth. Did I tell you you have to on the track list? :D

Track six: Ooooooh it sounds like the good old fashioned Hot Line Miami. I love that game. Oh I forgot to read the description. My attention grabbed. :D

Track synthwave: The sounds are really smart. I didn't know if you put the synths to the background it will be sounds more awesome! I love the drums. It's kinda my taste, but a bit more compression for the drumz could be killer, but I stfu, because it's amazing track!

Track awesomeness: You are doing the synthwave very well. Amazingly catchy. I thought the good synthwave has a really simple drum arrangement, but this is much better!

I am a really simple man. I love synthwave, I love subs. well done 13 out of 10. A+++, What can I give you? :D ** CLAPS ** CLAPS **

Well done, I loved the three track. I gave you some suggestion if you don't mind. :) Take care!

Chapter one: Well done, I really love the synthwave vibe. I can see these colors and idea in front of my eyes. What I can suggest you a little bit, if you would like to give a more old vibe, you can give a little bit pitch shifting with an LFO on some instruments. It will be sound a little bit dirty, that gives more depth for the instrument. But well done. High five for the slow flow.

Chapter two: Oh God I love so much the sub like drone sounds. Hell yeah, It sounds like a dark movie. I love the unison trick. The glitchy thing drives me crazy, hell yeah. I really love the arrangement. My ears a little bit pleased for more bass, more like sub bass.

chapter three: Just suggesting, a little more reverb for the drops. Cool lead sounds, nope, cool synth sound for all of these. I like how you keep the mood of the track. well done. Only a little bit more bass. :D but it's my taste.

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Hey-yo, I really love the concept the whole album. It's well driven. Hope you don't mind if I give you some musician feedback. :) Take care dude.

Lost home: I think the instrument in the background doing a lot of things. I think a bit less, for a those reverb. I really like the front instrument with those vibrator. It's really fluffy, and light.

Wilderness: I really love this drums, it's really fun how the give back the jungle and tribal thing. My thoughts are if you give a lots of reverb on an instrument you cannot really give it to fast movement, because it will overlaps.

Lullabye: good instrument choice!

They are here: yeah I love these bells, and love the dissonance it give the music and the feel mysterious. I love the panning too.

Freedom: I really like the ambient in the middle, that has a little attack. It gives the track a pretty good movement. Well done!

Notes: I never saw a DAW like this before. Cool to see new things!

Thank you really really much. It's funny when I saw the main theme, that was the only thing that came to my mind for a speed runner game: drum and bass. I am not sure I would like to create a drum and bass track or somehow the picture gave me the idea... you know jungle. :D Anyway, thanks a lot!

Thank you really much! I had to tell you this is the a first time I released a dnb track. Most of the time I compose metal, ambient and synthwave like tracks. :)

Thank you really much for your kind words. :)

damn, I totally missed this message. :D sorry tons of things happened. I saw you will release this master piece. Cannot wait for it. :) Hope you doing well! 

If you just build an apk and upload it? pleeeease!

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Awesome! Another amazing puzzle game! Simple, but really fun. Please please can you build an android apk?

Greaaaat! :3 thank you! Can't wait! So my guess is you made some post about endless cards. Is it right?

how about now? :3

Ladies and Gentlemen!

I am looking for a team. I am a music producer with coding skills.


I love it. It's really fun, I love the mechanic. The plant build system is very clever! A little plants vs zombies with shooting. I love it. I really miss the music, but the shooting sound is absolute cool. Well done!

Crazy Rabbit Afternoon community · Created a new topic Note

Hey bro'! Noice game, but I have a suggestion. In first impression, i couldn't find the 'press the [o]' button. Is it the 'n'? So I think the classic 'x' for acknowledge and 'c' for close should be better. Anyway good job!

Oh my god, I LOVE IT! It is so much fun. Is there any android build?

Thank you everyone! We would like to implement some features, and yes I think AI will be the first.  Help menu will be fixed! 

Thanks! I made the music and the intro. :) Anyway time wasn't our friend.

Hey guys we fix it! Thank you for your patience!  Hope you will love it!
Another thing: there is a local keyboard support and controller too! You use the classic way!
a,d, left shift, left ctrl and left, right, right shift, right ctrl (+space)

<3 thank you sooooooooo much guys! Sorry, we didn't have much time and we can't track all the bug, buuuut we fix it as soon as we can! (today hopefully)