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Before you close your mind

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damn, I totally missed this message. :D sorry tons of things happened. I saw you will release this master piece. Cannot wait for it. :) Hope you doing well! 

If you just build an apk and upload it? pleeeease!

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Awesome! Another amazing puzzle game! Simple, but really fun. Please please can you build an android apk?

Greaaaat! :3 thank you! Can't wait! So my guess is you made some post about endless cards. Is it right?

how about now? :3

Ladies and Gentlemen!

I am looking for a team. I am a music producer with coding skills.


I love it. It's really fun, I love the mechanic. The plant build system is very clever! A little plants vs zombies with shooting. I love it. I really miss the music, but the shooting sound is absolute cool. Well done!

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Hey bro'! Noice game, but I have a suggestion. In first impression, i couldn't find the 'press the [o]' button. Is it the 'n'? So I think the classic 'x' for acknowledge and 'c' for close should be better. Anyway good job!

Oh my god, I LOVE IT! It is so much fun. Is there any android build?

Thank you everyone! We would like to implement some features, and yes I think AI will be the first.  Help menu will be fixed! 

Thanks! I made the music and the intro. :) Anyway time wasn't our friend.

Hey guys we fix it! Thank you for your patience!  Hope you will love it!
Another thing: there is a local keyboard support and controller too! You use the classic way!
a,d, left shift, left ctrl and left, right, right shift, right ctrl (+space)

<3 thank you sooooooooo much guys! Sorry, we didn't have much time and we can't track all the bug, buuuut we fix it as soon as we can! (today hopefully)