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oh,do you have gmail, facebook or trello? we could talk there

Do u hv Facebook, Gmail, or Trello? we could talk there...

Do you have a Trello acc? we could plan there

Ok... then why did u post in my topic though

Nice! I'm sorry but, I won't be working on the detective game until brackeys game jam is done because i have no sense of time and I have no schedule

What is ur trelllo email?

Here it is 


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Thank you, Me and R-ty_dragon1_YT will make the art.

Here is my Scratch Acc:

Do you have Facebook, Gmail, or Trello? because I don't have discord bc I don't have a phone

I use Trello to plan but anything else is ok too

Do you have Gmail, Facebook, Trello? If not, we can talk here instead

Yes sure, do you do art, animations, or code in Scratch?

Nice, I use Piskel!

Where do you make art anyway?


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Sorry, I have decided to use Scratch, but if you still want to join you can do art (pixels) reply for more info

Define "Other Stuff"

New character instead. thanks

I will say more tomorrow since it is night in my place and I need to charge my laptop! Feel free to ask questions.

City-like tiles one for the day and one for night, I would also need a background for the game which can be a silhouette city and telephone wires pole (i dont know what to call it) And for the player i would need: walk animation, Idle, Inspect  animation which is the image i showed you

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Thank you! how many pixels do you start with? (16x16,32x32,48x48 etc.)

This is my basic idea of the character(cartoony): 

I'm currently on Summer Slow Game Jam, i thought you could help with the art while im working on the mechanics, (tilesets and stuff) the theme of the jam was "This isn't even my final form" and the requirement is "cliffhanger" so I thought id work on a detective game

Yes, you just turned 12 I'm 2 years younger, nice!

Ok, have you seen my scratch?

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It's fine! What type of art do you do? (Pixel art? small drawings? etc.)

Also, how good are you at Scratch? (Beginner/Intermediate/Proffesional)

I'm 11 and here is my scratch:

Ok, thank you do you have Gmail or Facebook? I can talk to you there, if not it's ok if we talk here!

Thank you for replying!

Is this from scratch?

Looking for a team that uses construct or scratch

Can we interpret the theme in any way?

Want me to draw it instead? (Pixel Art) I'm pretty good.

It's not.

He's 11


Is this a NEW requirement or is this very similar to the without theme?

lemme guess u this idea is from gmtk or brackeys, also put requirement on the overview

In the overview? ok sure

Right now yes

Is Cliffhanger the theme or is there another theme?

I can make art for your game as long as it's not TOO complicated (Pixel Vector)