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Very nice! Can we post this on our FB page?

Sorry, we don't have a discord channel for now.

Thank you very much for your great support!

While we are getting slow on the development right now(everyone's busy...), but we will add more new stuff to the game. So please stay tuned!

Also please feel free to discuss about any aspects of the game, it would be a great help!

Hi! It's nice to meet someone who still remembers SCWU :x

And we're so glad that you like our new game too!

Great find!

There are more ways to extend or create new combos. For example you can use "big jump"(2 then 7/8/9) during basic attacks and move on to air combos.

So keep experimenting. Hope you'll discover more combos!

Angels of Battle is an independent developed, combo based 2D shojo(anime girls) fighting game.

- 6+1 playable characters
- Single player mode(no stories yet) 
- Local 1 VS 1 mode 
- Game manual 
- Character informations 
- Character movelist

Download this game here, it's free: