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Anyone know how to make nova more submissive for the sub nova mod?

i wish there was an auto-roll :

are there any cheats

wish there was a scroll feature :(

it won't let me jump or go upstairs. i hope there'll be a lower graphics quality version in the future as well. I was really excited to play :(

it won't start

the click upgrade isn't working :(

is there any way to reset it? i wanna get all the endings

what's the difference between a witches and wizard's port??  i don't know what exactly makes either one

are there multiple endings or is it just always death

finished the student, but i have no clue on how to do the teacher

I can only find 2 scenes, the student and the jogger/athetic girl. Who's the 3rd?

may I ask what's up with the people spamming portugal in game chat? Does it mean something??

I think the pet sitting option may be broken, it'snot doing anything when I click it

what is the last one?

How do you get all the cocktract sponsors?? I've only gotten 3 :(

From what I can tell death grip makes it so you don't cum as quickly and vinegara makes it so you don't go soft. I'd suggest vinegara personally.

any way to zoom out

how do you start?

is there any way to fire workers?

(1 edit)

can someone give me a hint about the 3rd digit of the code? I can't find it ;-; 

edit: nvm, found it on the computer

fun little idle game! 10/10 procrastination points

is there any way to reset your progress

are there any text based walkthroughs for the game?

every time I open the hint menu it resets me

could we have a cheat sheet of what each job does?

if you play in fullscreen yoy still can't see your count or half the options

fun game! but I have some small critiques...

the text color is really hard to read, and over all the neon green kinda hurts your eyes after a while.

I wish there was a way to see how much pollen/click and pollen/sec you have, just for more precise strategies

but other than those, cool game! 

How can you get her to 3 though???

did it again. took a bit longer this time, but still too fast to be soft locking.

i soft locked myself immediately. without trying.

what are the controls? I just started and I'm super confused. are you supposed to click the shouting button? pls halp i wanna play this game

how do the candles get lit? I can't figure it out.