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a certain cat

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Hey I want my Custom whepon to shatter on contact how do I do that in the artificer.

Also how do I make the effects spawned smaller or larger… are you planing on updating the artificer.

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oh um I thought Fwogs were the names of the little balloon frogs.

Also I really like the non-Euclidian looping segments of the last update.

And its interesting how characters like Ingot react to beating there leader but the boss doesn’t?

Also Mr. Fox disappears if he takes any amount of damage would be funny if Mr. Fox is like “no more Slurpee” and bounces off for a little mini-quest to find mr. fox’s head in the random structures

Could you make it so passive spells like pet rocks and things that autotarget.

I don’t think they should target mr. Fox… I wanna play in the graveyard and not rise his life.

also monster idea:

Tods related to the Fwogs theses things have the abilty to inflate however they can’t roll so they run towards the player and inflate to deal damage.

Amazing! You’re so talented if only my anxiety would let me appreciate it instead of screaming “CHECK YOUR EMAIL YOU JUST NEED TO BE ON THE WALL OF SUPPORTER WIZZARDS”. Writing this I’m getting anxious that this is just annoying.

same it’s been stuic on 30-33 secounds for 4 hours lol

Very nice, the cards need to be clearer though

Yea the frog l

...I feel like I saw this frog before...

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controls: Arawo keys

...oh I won



Will you add the ice cube thing because it would be so perfect :D

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cool game but needs more R A M P S

also can you give the player a texture of an ice cube with a face that... would be amazing


oh yea tottaly


Also Kimbo mutated but I acitendtly freed him when I was trying to feed him please have the feeding button closer to the creture

thank you

thank you I will and. Also as a person he knows itleast somthing about coding I think you can just just make a varrible that counds the  ideas and some code to generate tempory varribles to save the answers as words that can be displayed raw after the game over screen

thanks Kimbo will enjoy his food


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Can you add a way to shorten the timer I'm a snail when it comes to creativity

and I need a push forward from my soul crushing... what was it called... oh yea procrastination when it comes to ideas 

please help 

also after the game is over gimmie the list please

YAY I won

Ha ha... I don't get it. My creature looks so happy but he keeps dieing... Maybe I should give Kimbo (yes I named it Kimbo) food how do I give him food?

Wow thats a C O O L game you got there to bad I have the gross motor skills of a 4 year old and I can't get though the gap.

Or being able to spam fast enough without an autoclicker


Yes please


This is preety good nice job

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Love it

ok I can help you I have an unhealthy amount of insect knoledge just name the insect and I can tell you about becuase its always nice when the bugs in my game act like... actual bugs

I want to help you! sorry

Great game me like


create characters or encounter them.

have a conversation with a character,

request character

create creature,

tame creature,

order creature,

character/creature skills.

that would  make it more interesting and a bit more alive

Hey I'm playing with my little brother and he keeps getting boared because he can use the same tricks to keep me reptely please give more control to player 1 so it dosn't get boring for player 2 \

thank you

quick suggestions

1. add replays so we can interact and a soft reply so others can get it

2. add an automatic movment so I don't have to deal with floating mailbox whenever I turn on my computer

3. add more space in the mail please. thank you

ha ha thx u too

Thank you for letting me play

If I were to change terrain generation I would add biomes to make it more diverse. 

can you please add a speed up button

thx I'm not gooding at memorizing all this coding luanguage stuff sory.