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This is pretty great. I enjoyed even just letting my pillar fall down the screen and seeing what happens. The pause when hitting spikes feels very good. The change in sound pitch depending on how many bubbles you have is also nice. If you worked on more structured levels and areas, I think you've got a nice mobile game.

Great game! Escaped in 19 days. I will save water every chance I get if I'm ever stranded :)

This is a nice game but I think it's getting few reviews because it is an exe file. I think people just feel unsafe. In future game jams, try uploading a zip file or better yet HTML5. Good luck!!

The shooting was very responsive. Good job on that. And the music was nice too. Unfortunately there's only a little bit of gameplay? I keep falling off the edge of the map. Good luck with future jams!

Good job with this! I do think you'd get more reviews/comments if you didn't make this an executable file. Either zip or HTML5. Good luck in future jams!!

I like the bounciness and responsiveness of the controls. And the pixel art is cute. Music is good too. Made it to level 5 :) Not totally sure if we were "stronger" together though. 

Love the mammoth idle animation! How you do that? Almost seems like vertex displacement.

I think this has a lot of promise. Or at least an excellent mechanic to include in a bigger game. Excellent execution of the theme. Great job!

Nice writing and UI! Love the dialogue box. Very wholesome game...... And pun :)

Very clever puzzles and great job with the theme. Hope you feel good about this one!!

Super clever execution of the theme. Want audio!! You should seriously consider releasing as a mobile game.

One of the best visuals and audio of the whole jam. Easily. Controls also feel nice and good level design, progression. Great job team!

Very very nice! I managed to get 75. Shooting feels great. Art is fantastic. And just the right amount of challenge. I hope you win.

This is the best game I've played in this jam. Love the high skill ceiling. Great audio. And of course the silly concept!! Hahaha. I hope you make it to the official video! Good luck

Great background!

Love the writing! The sound effects are very satisfying and the graphics have very clear and concise direction. And did I mention the writing?? :) Go hexes!

Nice job on the in-game simple tutorial. And I like that the level is seamless, no loading times. The game didn't move beyond the first level though. Also not sure if I felt the theme much? But good job nonetheless. Liked the sunglasses :)

Great concept, great theme implementation and great art (especially UI)! Only wish I could skip the intro dialogue.

Very cute art and matching music.

Looks great for a jam game. Love the parallax background. Your buddies surround the target very nicely, so nice pathfinding. And very smoother 144 FPS! Most of all, it made me laugh! Good job

Yeah, I'm sorry the Restart button doesn't work. Please reload the browser if you lose. Appreciate you giving this your time.

That was great! Good job

Nice game. It would be even better if you get more points for using fewer cards to complete a level.

Really creative. Love the art. Super impressed! 5 stars

Thank you Brad!!! First ever comment for our first ever game jam and it made us so happy :)

Loved your game too. Legit laughed at the Big Mac. Great jam!