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This was a nice lil teaser. Love the concept and hope the full game will be even better.

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Maaan this series has been nothing but bangers! This episode definitely gave me a creepy feeling that was way different from the others. Enjoyed every minute of it. 

I noticed when updating the computer, the number pad doesn’t work. You have to use the numbers at the top of the keyboard instead.  When you type in the update code and press enter, it doesn’t nothing. Had to keep repeating the step n finally it worked. Not even sure if it was a bug, but a small annoyance. Great job on the game! 

Game was a bit creepy with a nice jump scare!

This was one of the best jumpscares in a while lol, good stuff 

This was a pretty cool game. Very interesting concept

Whenever I opened the box upstairs the game glitched on me. It happpened 3 times, other than that there were some good jumpscares

cool story, was fun to play.

Short and simple, good game

This game was waaay darker than i expected!

Wild concept!

Really enjoyed the storyline of this game! 


Damn good game! 

This game was hilarious and the graphics were fire! 

This game was fun to play, cant wait for the full version!

Had fun playing this, had some funny moments. Cant wait for the next one! 

The first jumpscare was so good and the creepiness of the sliding door opening in the dark was another level of spooky! Had a good time playing this! 

This was absolutely my favorite game by 616! This was so fun to play and I love the concept! 

The graphics on these games are insane! Can’t wait to see more from this series! 

I thought this game was pretty cool. Love what you’re creating with these games! 

This was a cool concept I enjoyed playing this even tho I wish it was longer. Can’t wait for the full version! 

This was a cool part 2 of the Halloween series! Big Mike was a little OP in certain situations but definitely loved the game! 

This game was absolutely hilarious!

Absolutely loved this demo!! The only thing that messed me up was the amount of reading. It began to drag a bit until the creepiness of the killer getting closer drew me back in. Overall I loved what you created with this game and I cant wait to play the full version! 

The amount of detail in this game was amazing. It felt a bit like I was playing the Lunch Lady game. I like the concept and it definitely has potential.

This was very interesting, I definitely enjoyed it! 

Best thing about this game was the graphics! Love where you could take this game! 

Finally got to play the updated tapes! Amanda is hiding much more than we thought! 

I loved this concept! 

Love how unsettling part 2 was! 

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This was definitely more creepy than expected lol 

this game was cool and frustrating at the same time lol

616 game back with another one! Does anyone sleep over there? 

This game was way more creepy than expected! I loved the alien in the cornfields concept, it always makes for the best horror experience! 

I can’t believe the poop killer started his rampage over something so petty! He blamed us for something that wasn’t even our fault😂. Not sure if this was the end of poop killer but if it was, I sure had fun playing this series! 

This was creepy! Hope to get a part 2 to this game! 

Took me forever to figure out how to use the radio but other than that, good game!!

This series is absolutely hilarious!

This game started slow but definitely took a nice turn towards the end. 

You would’ve thought this was Fortnite the way I was building them walls lol. This was a cool game

This is one of the most hilarious concepts for a game! I’ll be playing a lot more 616 games 😂