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Wow, really awesome work! I really liked this, too bad it ended quickly ;-)
Reminds me of the old "The Thing" game from 2002. Good memories. Hope to see more!

What a great concept. All 8 stories are unique and the different play styles keep the game fresh! Also fan of the art styles, hope to see volume 2 soon! Personal favorite for this year!

Great voice acting and cool visuals. I thought it was fantastic.
Are we going to see more of this?

The environment looks fantastic and the style really appeals to me. Cool, hope to see more!

What an interesting concept, the atmosphere and the style really appeal to me. Can we expect more?

This was something else, like Wario Ware meets Windows 3D maze screensaver. Love it!

Hey there Dandy Knight Games, can I say you really did some amazing work here! The style, voice acting and story, all really well done! This became one of my favorite visual novels.

Angela He I love your art style and games! Love your latest one, average day at the cat cafe. The gameplay is fun and I really love the combinations and the type of customers you receive. Can't wait to play your upcoming game!

Awesome awesome game! Loved the story and art.

Loved it! Great voice acting, pretty sure gonna play the full game also!

Love the novel, perfect balanced theme and duration. Too bad giving the name Sap didn't give you some other dialogue. Awesome work!

Really liked the buildup and all the endings. Really awesome work!

This game looks really good. Love the style and combat. Also wow, that first boss was awesome! Can't wait to see more.

Loved this gem of a game! Every ending was awesome.

Great buildup and I love the RE/SH setting. Also liked the scenes, gives that little extra. Can't wait for the full game. Great work!

Really enjoyed this one. Love the art style!

Awesome challenging game. So clean and balanced, you guys did some awesome work here!

One really small thing I noticed is that the music stopped playing after about 12 minutes.

This is really awesome! Gameplay great, oldschool feeling. Yeah, it takes me back. Hope for more!

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Fun game, love the setting. Also I like the cam-style gameplay. Will sure check out your other projects!

This was really awesome! The game and art-style where really fun and well made. I'll try to get this running on my GB.

The art and setting is amazing. Loved the prologue, can't wait for the full game! 

Loved the weirdness. Reminded me of the old Grow games.
Awesome work, had fun obtaining all solutions.

Overall it looked really sick! Too bad it was short.
Any extended version?

What a nice trip to memory lane it was. Old school horror games are the best. Awesome work creating the right vibes and introducing new elements. Will sure follow your work.

Cute novel, love the art style of the game. Also very interesting theme. I'm curiouse about the sequel. Keep on the good work!

This game gave me flashbacks of the golden olden. Think about Resident Evil, Cold Fear, Dino Crisis and many other games.
I really enjoyed the random map mode and hope to see more soon! Awesome work!

I love everything about this game! Too bad it was so short ;-)
Great setting and art, it's really refreshing. Hope to see more.

This really looks promising! The art is unique and setting is awesome. Can't wait for the full release. 

This was an amazing experience. Loved the story, loved the characters and also the whole style. Really awesome work!

Didn't expect that is was looking this good. The art and animation is just wow. Really love to see more of it.

My reaction, just wow! I really loved the concept and the style of the game. After finishing the game I just wanted to play again and to explore more. Dolls, claygirls, card-combat, and much more. |
Happy to see a part 2. Awesome work!

Loved it! Weirdness to the max! Can't wait for more Samer Hills games. Sure to keep an eye on you. 

Really fun, great setting and style. Love to see more!
Keep on the good work.

I loved everything about this game.
The style, the storytelling and the ending. Even this whole page looks awesome. 
Really really awesome work!

Another masterpiece by the talented Far Few Giants. The concept and visuals are great, also the tension of freezing. I still discover new stuff every time starting a new play trough. Just try it because it's worth it!

I was hyped when noticed that you have released a new part. Great visual experience and story line! The sudden music scared the crap out of me ;-P Big fan, can't wait for the next episode!

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Social pressure is a really refreshing game. I love the chosen style and soundtrack. Simple and fun to play again. Hope to see more of your work.

Great game, reminded a lot of Silent hill 4 the room. It has great potential for more. I liked also the small references placed in the game. Can't wait for the full game.