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My reaction, just wow! I really loved the concept and the style of the game. After finishing the game I just wanted to play again and to explore more. Dolls, claygirls, card-combat, and much more. |
Happy to see a part 2. Awesome work!

Loved it! Weirdness to the max! Can't wait for more Samer Hills games. Sure to keep an eye on you. 

Really fun, great setting and style. Love to see more!
Keep on the good work.

I loved everything about this game.
The style, the storytelling and the ending. Even this whole page looks awesome. 
Really really awesome work!

This was fun! Love the art style and love the pudge!Can't wait for the full version, awesome work!

Another masterpiece by the talented Far Few Giants. The concept and visuals are great, also the tension of freezing. I still discover new stuff every time starting a new play trough. Just try it because it's worth it!

I was hyped when noticed that you have released a new part. Great visual experience and story line! The sudden music scared the crap out of me ;-P Big fan, can't wait for the next episode!

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Social pressure is a really refreshing game. I love the chosen style and soundtrack. Simple and fun to play again. Hope to see more of your work.

Great game, reminded a lot of Silent hill 4 the room. It has great potential for more. I liked also the small references placed in the game. Can't wait for the full game.

Fun little novel game. Love the style. Any more in the future?

Great plot, awesome soundtrack. Like to see more of this!
Both really great work!!

Really awesome!! It has elements from the old-school shooters, which is a good thing. Miss these kind of games. Great work, hope to see more.

Great atmosphere, good voice acting and very unique. Please tell me there will be more? I love it!

Hey there Shatter Glass Games, I really loved the game! The setting and style was awesome. The jump scares a bit predictable because of the visible woman. But great effort, you should experiment more with this. Happily to play your next project!

Visually a great game, love the setting, music and story. You guys did a amazing job. Can't wait for the next stories!

Didn't knew there where more Sirenheads in the game :S Sometimes he caught me off-guard, something most games don't achieve it. Great work, can't wait for the full game.

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As soon as I noticed you have released a new game I knew I was in for a treat. Amazing visuals in combination with a great soundtrack makes this game really unique. I really liked the story and the choices you could take during it. I'm really a big fan of your work, keep on the good work!

I loved the art style of the game, what did inspire you to do that? The theme, feel and settings where top notch. This has potential for more. Keep the good work, sure will keep an eye on your future projects! Loved both endings btw.

Love it! It has some Bloodborne vibes. Pretty impressive what you have done there and it has potential for more.
It did run really well on my computer.

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Creepy, but I loved it! Great work!
Hope to see more. That ending tho :-O

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*Bork* *Bork* Cute and simple concept, but it really works. I loved it!

What a fun game.
Liked the story and love the art style!

Mother of god! What a sweet psychedelic experience!
Loved everything about it. Great work to you all, hope to see more in the future!

What a great short game it was. I liked the style and atmosphere. Original concept and something refreshing! Keep on the good work!

What a interesting game it is. Love the wicked art style, it has potential for more. Refreshing creepy and fun, what do you need more. Sure keep an eye on your future games!

Really, really awesome job! I really like the voice acting, it gives you the feel that you are the character and what you are currently thinking. The small are a bonus for me. This is something else, haven't seen this kind of game before. Good work, can't wait for the "Horror Mins" series.

Awesome just awesome! I loved the dialogue, the voice acting and the build up tension till the end. A headphones only must experience for all. Before I leave why don't you open your eyes... ;-) Hope to see more in the future!

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Hey there, thanks for letting know about episode 1.  What can I say, I loved it. The phasing of the story is good. I love the monster design, and the small choices you can make ingame. Keep on the good work 
and can't wait for episode 2.

Silent hill, is it you? I loved the tech demo, good first impression! Can't wait till the full game. Noticed a small bug when talking to the gas station dude.

This was fun! Now I have nightmares ;P
Fun short game, you could extend it with more creepy moments or monsters.

What an interesting experience it was. It almost felt for real.
I think it's good to raise awareness on this subject.

Really good work, I hope to see more interesting concepts from you.

I loved it! Short and spooky, the perfect balance for a short horror. All I want to say is good work, hope to see more of your work in the future!

Merry Christmas!

Ps1 graphics, 80's slasher and Christmas themed? Count me in!
What a fun concept it was, hope to see more something like this.
Good work, the game looks and plays really great. Loved the sneaking mechanic.

I must confess, I did kill Santa so Merry Christmas!

I played the full demo and loved it! I liked the style and the tempo of the story.
Curious to see how to story continues.  Sure will keep an eye on this horror novel!

Hey there, what a fun concept you have made. It has great potential to something more.  Loved the both endings btw.
Will sure check your other projects, keep on the good work!

This was really fun. Too bad it was only one case.
Good work, can't wait for the full game!

Pretty sick concept you got there. Doom meets Angry Birds!

Love the retro pixel horror style.
Good work! Will sure check your future projects :-D