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oh my goodness, thank you!

You aren't alone! I think the ability to climb the chain unlocks after a point, because I swear I couldn't do it until I'd already been running laps around the place looking for things to do, and suddenly I saw my little hands pop out and start climbing- seemingly at random!

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Feeling like a dunce, but I immediately forgot Kuzya's phone number before thinking to call it. I hadn't gotten in the habit of jotting things down yet.

Also- any tips on making the potion? (can it even be made?) I picked up the items, scanned them, and am at a loss for what else I should be doing. Finished the game with the items in my bag and it doesn't seem like I got any special dialog..

The most potently unintentional horror game I have played in a long time. Was viscerally disturbed for most of the experience, and even mildly nauseated. 

Perfect game. Was shocked when I apparently beat it? Did, would, and could wander for hours.

Having a really hard time on my birthday today, and found this. I can't say it made me feel better, but I feel less alone- and that helps. Thank you.