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Just started playing tonight, and time seems to have passed quickly since I started. I really like the game so far. 

As for stamina, I am learning to manage  with close calls on failing a lot. I have gotten to the swamp, but am currently leveling up my two ladies, and getting more outfits. I like the outfits system. I wish I could hang around in the hometown, say  around the fountain for some quick, cheap jobs. The sleep recovery function is great. I think that the numbers during battle could be larger, as I ay on mobile. 

i didn't get to see a tutorial, cause I think I skipped it  and I hope the import/export saved feature works in the future. 

I do have some ui suggestions, but I don't want to cramp your style and directions until I see later revisions. Very cool game this is. I just got through a few visual novels, so this is rightly times for enjoyment. Characters are great, and the story so far is interesting.

Does this include the previous chapters? Where can I buy 1-5?

cool games so far. still trying to figure out what happened in the detective one (its the first one i started with). graphics are nice, and the buttons are a good size for my phone

Hello. I am not into traps, but this game is so fun. Combat seems to take a long time, and with all the options during combat, I find it easier to just spam click through, not caring about the outcome. Dialogue is good, and the sprites are neat. Will there be a futa character option in the future?

Please continue to develop and have a good holiday and new year. 

Any recent updates? I was thinking of supporting this game, as i enjoyed the one on Kongregate. Comments more than a year old, though, so i am not sure what's up.

fun to play. great idea

cool concept! already knowing that Sisyphus will never reach the top makes it sad.

fun game! thank you

will there be an update for saving sessions?

was fun to play!