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I was, my biggest criticism is the visuals, It seems like you used a lot of clipart which ok for a jam, not everyone can draw, but the different styles really clash, i think a solid color for the grass, sand and water would do alot. (Pixel art can also look pretty nice even when you have no drawing skill like me)

I liked the reflection, it was a nice touch but a tip for later: give a bit a tint or gradient to the reflected image since water isn't a perfect mirror, it would go a long way. Setting the water splash particles system's shape to a line by his feet and making it emit by distance are also good ways to improve the looks

By the end I was ready to dump this lady lol, Crabert deserves better :(

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I thought it was ok but a bit repetitive. My biggest complaint is the plane doesn't move or turn quite fast enough to be able to dodge the missiles.

It was a bit confusing figuring out that I had to use my mouse to fish. A simple text hint would be good there

You move it with the mouse

You should be able to insert code by dragging it onto another block.

To use a Goto you need to drag the arrow up to another block, the program will "jump" to that instruction and start execution from there

Thanks for playing!

the plane is a bit uncontrollable. also a reminder to keep pixel size consistant, I know that the shriking toiletpaper would be hard but everything else should be pretty much the same, It adds a lot to a game's presentation

well made, using non-premade assets puts you ahead of the curve. I would have liked a much smaller player size and more things to shoot. planes moved too fast and had too much health too destroy

like the soccer style gameplay, but a faster move speed and bigger camera would gave done. The animations alone put this above the curve in this jam!

the lack of death animations is a little off-putting

Also, remember to keep a consistant pixel size when working with pixel art. The charaters and the background didn't match

no matter whether I click "new game" or "continue" it says "no save data found"

One tip for you: its important to make sure your pixel art is scaled properly even when using pre-made assets.

I found the jumping a bit to fast for the type of platforming you have to do and could only manage to get a single gem after playing for a few minutes. Its important to know that your skill as a developer will be much higher than any new player.

Also, the jumping mechanics are quite strange, first I found it weird and didn't feel good that you could only wall jump once, also that you sped up afterwards for seemingly no reason. (and slowed down after the you collected a gem) I would have liked it better if that was the default speed

I would have loved to see some juiciness on the shooting and enemy death animation.

Also: make sure your pixel art is scaled properly, It often the difference between a polished and unpolished look when you are using pixel art 

You can actually have it detect in any direction using the dropdown, so no rotation is necessary.

Really fun! graphics could be better, but I found myself playing this longer than I expected.

Might I suggest using unlit shaders to give a more cartoony look?

Really cool game, I wanted to play more but I got stuck on the room with the semi-solid platforms that have eniemies you need to kill, I got stuck on the top of the screen and there is no way down or way to restart

sorry, im on chromebook

i cannot, the web version doesnt work

also how do you dive into ceilings?

you can very easily dive into the floor with no way out... the only fix is a restart of the whole game

can you add a r key to restart a level?

My review:

The game was amazing. I don't even like platforms that much, let alone impossibly hard precision platforms, but this one held me to the end. twice.

This game's biggest accomplishment is the amazing difficulty system. Somehow, you made the difficulty changeable in platformer! My first play though I found Vanish to fit just right, and I had a lot of fun with the later levels.  The second play-though on the hardest difficulty was just as great, it was like playing the game all over again.

The second thing that held me to the end was the controls and game feel. It always felt just right to bounce around in the levels. You get just enough control over your character to make each level a blast. Even just to hop around the main overworld is great. I played most of the levels.

The game has some minor issues of course, but I'm really just nitpicking here. Firstly the inner ring is horribly laggy, and is not help by the fact that it is large and hard to get around on its own. It might be improved with a button to teleport to the main area on it, but neither really hurts the experience much.

Overall, Its a great game. The aesthetic is cutsy and great, your character feels amazing to control, and the difficulty levels helped me play though in a great flow state. Every time that I though "oh god this game would be so good if it had 'X' " My expectations were met.

10 out of fucking 10.

yeah I said it.

Nah I mean it doesn't really fit, and also we all know that it is the base monkey from blender


Great, I'm glad to see you are adding more levels!

also what do you mean the monkey makes the game different?

art is great. some stuff I think needs work:

1. kinda throws you straight into it. I thought it was a cut scene at first. would be good to see controls pop up before that

2. re-spawn system is a bit annoying. If you get hit you immediately go to a seperate screen, and then after pressing a you get a total of 0 time to breathe before you are made to dodge the attacks. I died a lot in the opening moments just because you get no time to breathe at all.

3. Its really hard to tell where the attacks are and if you are going to hit them.

4 things:

checkpoints: maybe not every level, but maybe like per five. no checkpoints only really works for randomized levels. nobody wants to do the first 3 levels hundreds of times just to have a try at the last

more levels! love the concept, feels really nice. love to see more levels. (if there are checkpoints)

Longer levels like the last if you change the camera angle to where it is in the first couple. (the camera is really distracting and hard to tell exactly where you are at that angle)

Art is good, I'd smooth the rings out a bit to fit the cartoon style. (also remove that monkey, we all know where that's from)

overall I like it, but I didn't finish because I had to restart the whole game every time I failed the last one.

how do you restart?

I would Love to see this as a metroidvania

I couldnt agree more

I figured it out

Ok I figured it all out, and this is a really solid idea, with solid execution too. I even got to level 0, which was a joy when I figured out it existed

um where is the door?


great! the only problem is your using frame rate based physics so the game is easier on lower graphics... ( I had to put it on really low resulotion in order for it to be possible)

great! the only problem is your using frame rate based physics so the game is easier on lower graphics... ( I had to put it on really low resulotion in order for it to be possible)

you just made my day

I like the concept, but The grapple hook is too fun for you to want to actually fight the enemies,  and I feel like if it were more combat based than it would be better, maybe you need you kill the enemies to advance, also because swinging and movement is the name of the game here, I feel ammo isn't needed. I would love to see this re imagined as a arena shooter, where you grapple around in the asteroids, killing waves of enemies.

I fell like i run out of ammo in 3 seconds. Am i doing something wrong?

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thanks! Ive seen the video, and I tried to use it in making this

did you get to the end?

also what other features/bugs do you mean, I would like to know to release a slightly improved version

but anyway, thanks for the comment

It's ok that's I'm the only one

I'm just looking for constructive critisim

What the hell