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Wtf!!! I didnt even know this was possible in this version. Incredible. You did what i could not.


Discussion posts if you want. Unfortunately im not sure I will patch or update the game at this point as its not gotten a ton of sales.


Do you have a youtube? How do I find it

Hasnt come out yet, store page is under review. I think it wont be more than like $5, maybe $3 during the launch sale. If you are from gamecraft ill post when its up :) 

Im assuming you saw this at the showcase. The character abilities are a new feature unique to the new version releasing in steam. In the old version some characters will start with an active item at the bottom left of the screen, which can be used like all active items with left click or space.

This game is so cool but PLEASSEE add cpus levels. the current CPU is genuinely super human.

This is really cool. I love the vibes and its very addicting my only suggestion is to make the timer only start once you have pressed a button. Also a wasd control scheme option would be supperrr appreciated

I genuinely love this game sm. I just beat it and it makes me so happy. Thank you for making this

this is such a cleaver idea omg


To be fair its not really that simple unless you know a bit about how games are made. The basic concept is the game uses a completly 2d physics engine and just fakes vertical height with the shadow which makes it look like its in the air

Actually its in 2d! The game cheats the by storing the height of the dice and handles those physics separately and moves up the die up to make it look like its in the air

you can! Just hit esc for the pause menu and click the full screen button. It might take a second to load in but after that just make sure to hit resume instead of esc bc that exits on most browsers

Sorry, that’s probably the most confusing task, you’re supposed to stay to the edges of the arena when enemies are on screen

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we will be uploading a post jam version with that feature! Due to a bug it doesn’t work in the jam version 

oh lmao! I just realized I accidentally left the option on to always play the tutorial. Thanks for the kind words!

F to fullscreen! it should show

if you pause

I honestly love the vibe of this is so wild and silly. Good job!

I would love to see it! This one was really juicy and fun

This was really awesome!! I would totally play more if more levels were made

amazing yes so cool very impressive this is honestly incredible why is it not wasd ;_;

how many bosses are there? 

this might be the best idle game I've played in a while. I wasn't super sold on it until I prestiged once and doubled the abilities but now I can't stop

my one critism is that other than plasmaballs + scatterballs most of the balls aren't really worth it. at least where im at cannonballs and poisonballs are just too expensive and take too long to actually go into effect when the combination of the other two will just rip through levels in seconds

also boss battles are a cool addition but the most boring thing to watch. it would be cool if it spawned blocks you had to break to remove its shield or something, and maybe less health but they can heal making it so that you have to reach a certain damage output to be able to beat it at all.

still amazing, dont nerf anything pls 

can we delete chips if we mess up? 

cool game, I think the respawn animation is cool but a taaaaad slow. I would have made the ball respawn instantly, no stage resetting needed

Really awesome game! super polished. My biggest critism is how big everything is: I know its the low rez jam but alot of things were really hard to dodge: esp the stop sign. I would have gone almost half size for everything. Also a few things had a bit too much hp, like the vertical octopuses

Even though this game is super simple and first game material I kinda liked it. My one issue is that the fog is super obnoxious esp on the last level. You basically just have to memorize where the blocks are

art direction and sound are great! I got stuck on the 3rd level tho. Cool twist on the classic linked controls game

Thank you! Of course a 2 person team makes it a bit easier I probably didn’t sleep all to much…

cool game, but the fact that you need to start completely over when you die isn't great. You should at least keep the courage you have gained

After seeing that the game is supposed to be about speed, I would instead suggest changing the level design in at least the first level as the platforms are much to small and close for the current controls

you need yo have the air speed capped, it feels really weird when you can accelerate to insane speed and double jumping often overshoots you rather than readjusting. Look at some other platformers and see how you can make it feel a bit more controllable

I have used this controller for many other things on this computer, it is just a standard xbox 360 controller. However, Celeste will not recognize it when I plug it in. I have 100+ hours on switch and I really don't want to start from 0 on keyboard controls. Any help or insight is appreciated!

Im on a macbook Air running the OSX version of celeste from

This is really cool idea but one problem I have is it doesn't seem like the cursor's hitbox is at the tip. It seems intuitive to me to make sure the tip doesn't touch anything, but for some reason I kept getting hit. Is it in the middle?

I love the graphics, but I often felt frustrated while playing. Here are my notes, take them as you will

1. The jump feels too high for the movement speed. Id doesn't feel right to me. I would honestly reduce the giant jump height/ increase the agility a bit

2. Showing the level start after every death is very annoying

3. when I died, It was usually to running into an enemy that I didn't have time to react to after they came on screen. Idk how to fix but this is just what I felt. I don't think I had a single 'deserved' death it was always to something annoying 

I just got 47

I was, my biggest criticism is the visuals, It seems like you used a lot of clipart which ok for a jam, not everyone can draw, but the different styles really clash, i think a solid color for the grass, sand and water would do alot. (Pixel art can also look pretty nice even when you have no drawing skill like me)

I liked the reflection, it was a nice touch but a tip for later: give a bit a tint or gradient to the reflected image since water isn't a perfect mirror, it would go a long way. Setting the water splash particles system's shape to a line by his feet and making it emit by distance are also good ways to improve the looks

By the end I was ready to dump this lady lol, Crabert deserves better :(

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I thought it was ok but a bit repetitive. My biggest complaint is the plane doesn't move or turn quite fast enough to be able to dodge the missiles.