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made me smile!

I moved countries last year during the pandemic and experienced winter for the first time while incredibly isolated and having a difficult time. I went on several such walks with people who cared about me, and whenever I revisited those walks afterwards on my own, I could feel their presence and love all around me. This game captures this feeling exactly.

I also loved seeing myself as a nonbinary child in this!

I was using a mouse, on firefox. You can do it!

This comment is like being handed a perfectly good slice of cake (for free!) and complaining it doesn't have enough USB ports. Games are a diverse medium, it's not just about  the number of choices??

this is really chill and sweet, good choice of background music, I had a nice time and it did make me smile!

this is so delightful, thank you!

the game seems to cut off unexpectedly because the continue button is out of frame, zooming out (ctrl -) reveals the text and you can continue

oh, this is exactly how i feel about my period

got stuck immediately unfortunately, clicking seems to rarely do what it's meant to? clicked many times to finally get the book from the shelf, and then gave up on "check the window"

that was so silly but I enjoyed it! Apparently I really like rules....

i played this on discord in a large group and everyone loved it 10/10 would yeet again

LOVE this game so much, it's honestly genius!!! If you ever do an expansion, I would love some higher stakes conversations. Imagine the funny-sad potential of a breakup conversation while trying to eat hotpot....!!!

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******* SPOILERS *********

I played this 6 months ago and still think about it. I see that you mention you're thinking of implementing a "save everyone" ending, so I don't think you intended how upsetting I found it. I got the save one fluff ending, was unsatisfied with that, decided to push to the other ending ignoring my great discomfort in the process because I was convinced that it would be worth it, and then felt quite sick with myself when it wasn't. I don't think you intended for the endings to be discovered in this order, it was genuinely very upsetting