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I wonder if this kind of game is called a narrative game.

I felt as if I was cutting myself off no matter which choice I made, but I could feel that the creator was trying to squeeze out memories and convey them to the player, even if they were choppy, and it left a great impression on me.

Thank you for a good game.


I solved it myself. I'm very sorry for asking such a strange question. This STG is really fun! Great game, thank you.

I'm sorry, I want to play this game with an arcade stick, but how can I do that?

The stick is called "QANBA EVO Drone", which is compatible with PS3, PS4 and PC.。

I bought it on Steam and played it.  It's a great game, so I'd like to set it as a showcase "favorite" on my Steam profile, but I'm sorry I can't because of a bug on the Steam side.  Again, this game is really great.

This game is very interesting.  Collecting stars, which is annoying in this kind of game, is extremely fun thanks to the simple condition of "Eliminating the enemy without staring at any time and killing enemies with 5 stars".  For support, we uploaded a video that we played lightly to Twitch.

I'm sorry for being late.  When I started it, I was able to play normally.  Fun game, thank you!

Yes, it is.  If you start with DL, you will be connected to Steam, and you can DL only from the demo version that can not be started.

I purchased it on and started it after DL, but I can only DL the demo version of Steam.  I can't even launch the demo version ... what happens?


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Task Force Kampas community · Created a new topic Spec

Please tell me the specifications necessary for this game.

I am playing between jobs. It feels nostalgic as I gradually get better skill ... It's a wonderful game.