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The stuff you complain about is because of Patreon. Patreon doesn't like incest, that's why every mention of a relationship that could be seen as such has been replaced with Landlord etc. Download this:

This enables incest. The dev is not allowed to have incest in his game thats why someone made a mod for it.

Patch is not made by Killer7 because that would be against patreon TOS. It's made by a Modder and hosted on a site for patches like this. Here is the link: download this. Instruktions on the site.

You need a patch:

You need a patch, you can find it here: instructions are on the page

You need a patch: Android instructions are there as well.

The patch always stays the same. Can use the one for 0.13.

Yes, the patch always stays the same.  also explained here. Download this then.

Or, you know, he just sees this as "fun between siblings" where no one is manipulating him and  everything is in good spirit? Don't have such a narrow headed view on things, no one means any harm for anyone in this game. No one ever lied, no one ever stole and no one ever manipulated him. If you mean the Alice situation it is what I wrote earlier - fun between siblings. ;)

The patch always stays the same.

Even step mom and step sisters that are not blood related is a big no no on patreon. So no, your suggestion wouldn't work either. Patreon is strictly anti incest and if you want incest you have to use the mod.

No, Incest will never be in this game unless you use the patch. No matter what time of the release, as long as the dev needs support from Patreon it will never feature incest. That's why you have to get the mod, it's unofficial.

Incest is against patreon TOS that's why the dev had to remove all mentions of relations that you can find in the game. There is a patch that enables it, you can get it here: , you should notice that all games that are published on patreon as well are automatically censored. The dev can not allow incest in his games that's why ther eis unofficial patches.

Dev had to remove incest/code option, you need a patch now. Get it here: instructions are on this page as well.

Incest was removed because Patreon is being a bitch, a modder made a patch you can get it here: explanation on how to install is there as well.

Nothing I can do there for you, it's explained on the site how to get it to work.

Mac: Right click your MyNewFamily app -> Click "Show Package Contents" -> Move lovetime.rpyc into your "Contents/Resources/autorun/game" folder

Incest was removed because it's against patreon TOS, dev can't talk about it but a modder made a patch for it, you can find it here:

Dev can't have incest in his game because of Patreon. Get the patch here: 

For 0.12, yes You need this patch.

That's the thing though, he can't. He would admit that he had to censor his game and that it had incest before, which is never a good thing if you are on patreon. It's a .rpyc file you can decompile using unren to check what's inside. I did that for you already, the file contains some filler text and the code itself is "

init 999 python: config.say_menu_text_filter = return_str". That's it, that's what the .rpyc file contains. Not malicious or anything. He can't address anything, sadly. It's patreons fault not his.

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The dev can't talk about this. Patreon recently was on the hunt for incest games again and this dev got apparently hit as well. He had to remove incest completely but thankfully there was a modder who made a patch for it. You can read all about it on f95zone.

The reason the dev can't comment on anything we are talking about here is that he is in no way affiliated with the development of mods/patches that alter his game. His game has incest disabled and uses landlord/landlady/roomate etc so Patreon can't ban him.

If he comments or gives infos then Patreon will see that ( they are looking EVERYWHERE, trust me ) and then they will bring him in connection with the patch which would ultimately lead to his game getting taken off patreon and him probably stop working on it.

Yes it does.

"Android users: Navigate to Android/data/, create a new folder named "game" and copy the lovetime.rpy in this folder."

Yes, apparently incest gets auto disabled even if you entered the code. The good thing is that according to the Modder, you can always just use this file. So copy it somewhere on your desktop and just paste it whenever a new version is released. Visit this site to download INCEST for this game, DEV had to remove the code option and a modder made this patch THIS IS THE ONLY WAY TO GET INCEST NOW! Visit this site to download INCEST for this game, DEV had to remove the code option and a modder made this patch THIS IS THE ONLY WAY TO GET INCEST NOW!

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enter code pelican in the menu and you have incest ( for now ). with 0.12 u need a patch that i will link. Dev is forced to hide it because patreon thats why u need a code. Maybe research into patreon and incest before flaming.

Important info for friday: The dev had to remove incest completely from the game. But there is a modder who made a patch for it. As soon as 0.12 is out I will post it here for you, I hope dev won't mind. THIS PATCH WAS MADE BY A MODDER, NOT BY DEV!

Enter the code "realstory" in the main menu, this will enable incest.

Use the code "realstory" or "pelican" ( both work ) in the "Enter the code" thing at the main menu. This will unlock incest.

In the main menu, hit the "Enter a code" thing and enter the code realstory ( or pelican/ banana , all work ). This will unlock incest.

No idea for your 2nd question, the thing just says "Slow jazz music", maybe dev knows more

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Enter the code "Pelican" in the main menu, this will enable incest, it is there so the game doesn't get any issues from Patreon. realstory or banana also works.

Lucy needs time because she had the worst past. But no worries, things with her will get more serious very fast if you continue to include her in your path.

It's because of patreon. Enter the code "pelican" or "realstory" in the game and you enable incest.

yes, on android you also have the "Enter a code" window, just enter the code there ( realstory or pelican , both work )