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yeah, quite a lot of slimes

That is a very good mindset, hope you are doing well, and keep doing your stuff.

Thanks a lot, my weak point is mostly the graphics and sound part so hearing that is quite nice. I wanted to implement something like a high score consisting in how many slimes did you kill without getting hit, maximum number of slimes killed or hits taken, etc, but I began to run out of time and decided to scrap that. I appreciate your feedback!

Thanks a lot. I don't think I am going to iterate on this idea but I apreciate your feedback!

Have fun!

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Sorry for being kinda late, check if your gamepad is plugged in, because the cursor is treated diferently for the gamepad and the mouse. If your gamepad is plugged in, use the right thumbstick, otherwise it might be a bug, which I don't think so, because I tested this

The best looking game so far, the only problem I see is the fact that nothing has a healthbar

Everything that you need to know is that you need to have fun and stay safe!

Romania is closing the schools too

no problem

Can I use them in my WIP game? Also can I modify them?  They look amazing but I can't use them in the original state so I have to modify them.

Good job anyways!