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Couldn't get the game to work :(

Loved how you made the grandpa car key video in to a game

Love the concept of this Game!


Was a very fun game! glad it was make difficult, so winning felt satisfying!


Great Remake really enjoyed it. Weirdly it ran slow on my pc when games at max quality usually don't. Hope to see more games from you!

This was a good game! Was spooky and really got lost in the maze.

This was the best experience i had playing a horror game, the jokes at the beginning also being about to talk through the mic made it great. Made me forget I was playing a horror game until the end... Hope you keep making great games like this one, maybe even a part 2!

Had so much fun playing this game, these graphics really caught my eyes.

Good Game for SCP keep up the good work!

Good game was very enjoyable, but still got a lot of questions

Had fun playing this Game! Only thing is the A.I is very strong. Couldn't beat it even when I knew were all the cupcakes were at.

Game was very fun, and i got some good laughs out of it! Was simple and quick, would like a part 2 in the future cause boi just disappeared. 

Game was Super fun! I really enjoyed, but i hope squidward gets better!

Was a great game! really enjoyed the oddness of it!

One of the funniest but somehow scary game i played. Great game, and keep up the great work!

I tried to just clean my room, but ole boy was too scared to do it in the dark. Great game i enjoy it!

This game was short and goofy, I loved it!

Had Loads of fun playing this game! Really wondering what would have happened if the game kept going!

Great demo! Let me with wanting to see how the full game will turn out :)

Thanks cause your game, my channel is blowing up :)

Play the newer verison to! the jumpscares where on point!

This game was extremely funny and hard at that! I couldn’t beat it cause ALVINNNN! Now I know why Dave hates him so much... the worst part is my subs want me to beat the game now! 🙃

Played both episodes at once! N let me tell you these are some great games! I beat episode 2 by pure luck lol!

my first Fnaf game, and I really enjoyed it :))

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YOOOO!!! I really loved this game! Was super fun to edit, and don’t get me started on the jump scares!! Probably the best I’ve ever seen! I was jumping with just editing the video ha! Can’t wait to see more expansion on this game, I’ll definitely will be playing it!

This was a fun game to edit into a video! I really ready for episode 2 can that anime intro was some heat!

Best horror game I played yet! Ain’t know I had a flashlight sadly till later.

Most Definitely will! Keep me posted!

Honestly loved this game. To bad I'm a nood at instrustions 

best game I’ve played on I! Would love more content from y’all! 

This was a very well thought out game, but I try not to think about it ;)

This game was honest to god Great! I was wondering why my music kept going out...

this was a great game! The fact that it was only made in 10 days in shocking. Great Job!

This was a Great Game! Well thought out story. Would love a part 2...

This game was interesting at the least. Very hard since the sprint is so slow. If you are seen you are catch, and the fact that she could walk through walls made it tough. Otherwise I liked the story and Concept.

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Great game! I missed some ending sadly. I got 3 ending, but are 3 secret ones I missed. Over all enjoyed playing it.

I enjoyed this game a lot. The ending was funny!

Great Game 10/10... Shocked that I found the ending.

Great game!! I can't wait for the full release!!