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Enjoyed the game, cant wait to see where it goes in the future.

Fun demo, excited to see how the game develops. 

Wasnt quite sure what to expect but enjoyed the game. 

Pretty enjoyable game. Did not see that ending coming. Good work.

Amazing job with this one, I had the biggest jumpscare I  ever had  in a horror game. 

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Gave it a whirl and it was pretty good in a few departments(dont want to give anything away ::cough::bed::cough::) and was a fun quickie.

Nice experience as usual. The atmosphere and pending dread were on point. Good work

As usual VG drops another quality game, I really dont know what else to say. They are just good for the genre and unique.


Gave this a play and enjoyed it. Hope to see more from it in the future to revisit. 

This game was a lot of fun and way more than I thought it would be. Great job!

Not bad at all for a short one. Atmosphere did help greatly in the scaryness of when and where you'd meet Mr. Doom. Good work

Good game, at the end I was like wha??? than was like, ahhh, makes sense. Good job, I really enjoyed it.

Seems like a good premise going on,  definitely keep my eyes peeled for more. So far so good tho.

Really enjoyed the prototype. The setting, atmosphere and claustrophobic environment really ramped up the things to come and that ending was... well, pretty sweet. Definitely interested in this if it gets expanded upon but regardless good work. Highly recommended to anyone who likes a good scare.

All I can say is wow! Just the look of the game is amazing than you add in the terrorific(hehe) atmosphere and boom. I cannot wait to dive back into it and really explore more as I did or think I did happen to gloss over and miss some things. I highly recommend this to anyone who likes a good scare and intense moments.

I really liked the design. Atmosphere was very nicely done too and the twist in there was a nice surprise. Great work.

Well made, I wanted it to go on. As I said well done.

For the style of game this was very well done. The look, the feel and atmosphere were great and having fov and other others, icing the cake. Other devs take note!

I really enjoyed this game. Thanks for the work put into it. Still laughing at myself that it took forever to get the last bit so I could finish it.

Gave it a go and liked it, hope to see it advance further along.

Had fun with this lil gem, keep up the awesome work!

Nice lil game, the atmosphere was quite good and was more to it than I had thought there would be.

I HIGHLY(wink) enjoyed this lil adventure. Good work by all.

Pretty fun lil game and I wish more stores where as nice as the one in this :)

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I did enjoy this very much for what was in the demo and look forward to seeing if it progresses further.  Only complaint is the ceiling fan noise and just how  some of the noises are in general in terms of loudness and distance from them but all things I am sure will get worked out if development continues. Thanks for the demo!

For the shortness of it and all its a nicely done game. Expand upon it? Sure could but this was a fun and quick experience. Thank you for your time putting it together.

Very enjoyable game, it had been a while since I played a horror game and made the right choice to jump back in with this one. The only negative thing I can say is the ending.... draw out, maybe add a little something  halfway through the hall visually to make the player wonder what is going to happen . Good work tho, 

I was told to give your first effort a play. I did just that and had some fun, some cries and laughs. Nice game meatsuits, although that big boy has some stamina. 


Great game, and lots of potential with this to be expanded upon. My only complaint is the movement though it did add to the claustrophobic affect and the atmosphere. 

gave it a shot but between the electricity sounds being overwhelming and getting stuck on everything in the circus room I gave up. I do like the one note in the locker, wise words.

I enjoyed this game yes? yes I did. I look forward to playing the rest of your collection. 

Talk about a dump of a game. Straight up shit. Those are good things tho and I enjoyed it. A fresh dump, I mean, take on the bathroom. Good work!

That was pretty fun, I like how the atmosphere changes . Good work

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I jumped on for a ride, was pretty good

I gave it a shot, pretty decent. I tried to get all the outcomes of the decisions

Started off a bit eh but ramped up quickly and I enjoyed it. Thanks for taking the time to give me of not earth soul a chance.

I really liked what is going on here. Definitely want to see what a full game could be, just hopefully an improvement on the "jumpscare" scream

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Short and sweet, this is the kind of game that I came to this planet for. Well done

Had a good time with it and a pretty interesting escape at the end due to glitche.

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Played Sept. 7th and it made my being happy so I decided to give Locked Up a try. Much longer than I had anticipated but very nicely done. I look forward to playing the rest of the catalog. Thank you for making proper scary.

Locked Up | Emika Games - YouTube