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Another gem by Slybalto!? GOOOSHHH

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Gosh, I might have to make more levels then!

Thank you! I'm on it, expect more levels soon :D. Amazing username BTW >D

DAYUMMM, You got ALL the maggoty breads! Not surprised given your Portal Pals Speed-running schkillz >D. DLC coming this summer!

Oh geeze, you found a secret! Haha thanks for the kind words and for playing, gosh darnit!


So great! I love the over the top visuals, fun yet simple platforming, and variety of weapons.  My FAVORITE thing about this game is it's unique sense of humor which had me real life LOLing several times and made me want to play more to discover more hilarious moments in Brooke's adventure. One thing I was wishing to have was the ability to shoot in more angles as opposed to just 45 degree increments. Also, I need more moments where I can throw surfboards at baddies... its just too fun!

Can't wait to see this game fully polished and released. Spectacular work! 

Love it! I Love the app-powerups... especially throwing ninja stars at flying pants >D. The level with (Winston) in the background is SO tough, but very satisfying to beat. Nice work!