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I really enjoyed this game it was simple and fun. Hope to play more games by you all.

I love this game however there are some bug fixes needed. Can a v-sync option be made available?

This was a great game.

The mirror element to me was perfect, I kept hiding and plotting (which was the intention behind it I'm sure lol) trying to figure out how to get pass this creature. I did notice a few times the creature would get stuck by the boat and I had no choice but to get killed so the creature could spawn somewhere else. 

I would like to suggest adding a story with the creature that maybe you have to uncover in the full game. Like maybe someone summed it to cover up a mystery in the harbor or maybe a tainted spirit or tortured soul trapped here due to something terrible or a twist of some sort. Another suggestion maybe adding an element to the game involving the mirror such as having to travel in the mirror world to solve a puzzle to get past a certain point in the real world. Maybe making it a timed thing because the portal is open maybe other creatures can escape... Just a suggestion but either way I am a huge supporter of this project and I a sure it will great in the end! Keep up the great work.

I am not sure how I feel about this game. It has potential for instance I do like the detective aspect of it and being able to view things in detective mode. However it seemed like the game was missing something. Also at one point it kicked me out of the game however I am not sure if that was intended after reaching the end or just a glitch in the system. Please don't give up I would love to see a more polished version of this game.

Great teaser. At the end I wanted more so job well done. I look forward to playing the full version in the future.

That was pretty good. I did notice close to the ending (I won't spoil it for others who haven't played), but the objective was not showing in the pause menu. It displayed unique characters instead of what was intended. Great demo keep up the great work I hope you are able to finish this project.

Great game keep up the good work! I did notice that it doesn't run too well on a mac though please fix this issue!