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I would like to know when the rest of the chars will be active so i can do another let's play with other chars as well too)

nice game) short but nice 

thank you guys its reaaly funny

Well it was nice but short, we want more ))) next episode please

such a sad Story((  it is an amazing game

I saw your comment guys on my channel, but than your channel disappeared i hope everything is okay there) and thank you i'm really appreciate)

Hello everyone) this is just an hilarious game thank to the creator, i thank during the gameplay a lot but once again,  and i hope that u will enjoy a funny quality gameplay and i hope that you will help me with some advice i will admit any help im new here))

thats it) really good one))

if u could give me the text , i would upload one with the good ending as well too))) coz i could just get bad endings  but its a nice one soon it will be on youtube already)  hope you will like it)