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Is there a form-fillable char sheet anywhere?

Ironsworn hacking newbie here. Is there a good place to find asset card templates/icons?

The Lunch oracle mentions a "Soup Oracle", but I can't find it! How will I know what delicious soup to have for lunch?

I love this! Any plans for location oracles? Getting to know the geography of a place is one of my favorite parts of Animal Crossing/Stardew/etc

Very fun and cute! I was surprised by the scarecrow minigame!

Very interesting! It's always clear when an author feels strongly about the topic they're writing about, and that comes through in this. I ended up writing my character as kind of a thoughtless, naive young guy (maybe because it felt like I had to be a little thoughtless and naive to do what I was doing), but it'd be interesting to try again and see if I can do it again as an older, wiser character.

Here's the quick session report for my sweet little dumb-dumb, Frederick:

Haven't played yet, but I really like all the roles/traits/distractions. They're very well thought-out and true to life. Hope I get to play this with friends at some point!

Pea Tea

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I for sure need a print cop

Edit: print copy. No cops, not even print cops.

Hi, I can't seem to find Others in the Racial Injustice bundle! The search tools don't pull anything up. 😢