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There is an additional instructions section under the game.

It is stated in the description of the game and the tutorial game that you do not click on the cards to select them: you press the 1, 2, and 3 keys to select the first, second, and third card.

Now that I look it up, Reigns is a lot like my game. And I had no idea! Very cool observation.

As I was breaking up a fight in the bathroom and I picked up the lifeless, unconscious body of a child, I realized what I had done. Great game, great art, great sound.

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My goodness, this is perfect! There could be some music and polish, but this is an amazing idea! Stupendous stuff!

What an interesting concept! The silly graphics and frantic music mix with it amazingly. The music can sound a bit dissonant, though.

Thank you very much!

Ah, very interesting.

This game has beautiful graphics and very fun gameplay! It could use some music, though.

It's a very quick, simple, but fun game with some great inspiration from WarioWare!

Also, by "Graphism", I believe you mean "Graphics". By "Programmation", I believe you mean "Programming". By "brain loose control", I believe you mean "brain loses control".

Great game and good job!

Hm, I remember you posting your WIP art on the Discord. Nothing else to say, that's all.

The game has easy controls, fun levels, and original concepts! However, the shakiness of it can be a little uncomfortable sometimes. Plus, it doesn't have any sound. (I think) A good job overall!

Thank you, that is the feeling I was attempting to achieve! I greatly appreciate your compliments.

Yes, there is a game over. And unfortunately, there are some occasional music bugs. I greatly appreciate your compliments.