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but doesn't always happen somehow

I have found the bug!, it's when you press the mouse button to fast, with your system you keep adding a value to the cooldown. So the solution is to set a max value to the cooldown

amazing game, but sometimes i cant move anymore even tho im not trowing rocks

use the arrowkeys

cool game, there are a lot of levels and it feels good to play, maybe make the backgrounds more interesting by sometimes making a meteor fly in the background or something like that   

cool game, it would be nice if it automaticly activates the next wave

It wasn't really mentioned that this was a school project. I thought that it was bad Because i thought that so many people made it  and it didn't feel like that special of a game. good luck with your next games

So many people made this but the sprites are from the asset store the movement feels terrible. the animations don't work. for instance there is no animation if an enemy dies. I can't believe that this was made by 11 people, The music is great but the rest is garbage

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the story element is cool but the music is annoying

my record is 1:07:64

cool game!

anime flappybird 3/5

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use arrow keys to move

I feel smarter after playing this game