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bup man

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This feels possible but i can't quite make the second jump. Is it actually possible, or is it just Funny CBA Level™?

also i like how the cba slightly affects the start position

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sega 32z?

i'm not dumb i'm just making a joke

add a BPM change?

or make sans extremely weak to punch cards idk

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how about this comprimise: nerf sans fight but make it harder in weird route

also nice invisible wall on the bridge with action message

cool bench make funny sound, 10/10 game

Talkative plants, huh? Almost as weird as walkative plants

PS: I wonder what goombas taste like

I plan on publishing my game's source code and art assets. From the license, it sounds like I'll be okay as long as I include a link to this page, but there's the possibility of someone lifting the assets from my game instead of buying them. Would it be fine if I just add a README file asking people not to?

that's an itch problem, not a delugedrop problem

Steam Deck/Linux users: Use Proton 8.0


Allows you see Level 154 for the disappointment it truly is

"Memento mori is a Latin phrase that may be freely translated as 'Remember that you are mortal,' or 'Remember you will die.'"

- edgy teen simulator 2006

I looked in the map file (because there's just one) and found what seems to be a Ceave Gaming reference. That's pretty cool.


you do it

Compile it yourself.

Why tf would you make the text so unreadable?

Both kinds of free!

Yeah, it's available in the standard repositories of most Linux distributions. If you are on debian, it's a "sudo apt install supertuxkart", and on arch it's "sudo pacman -S community/supertuxkart"

Possibly. It's written in C++, which can be compiled for the web using Emscripten. Though, this would probably require a lot of effort to make the native window drawing code instead write to an HTML canvas

I have no idea why this was made, but it's amazing.

As in make a Linux build, that is what I would please like you to do.

Noone uses MacOS

Please do then

Try "Digital Logic Sim.x86_64". You might need to mark it as executable by right-clicking it, or running the CLI command `chmod +x "Digital Logic Sim.x86_64"`

not not and?


Distributor ID: Pop
Description:    Pop!_OS 21.10
Release:        21.10
Codename:       impish

wine --version:

wine-5.0.3 (Ubuntu 5.0.3-3ubuntu2)

When running JoinGame.dll via mono:

it's hard to explain, just watch dani's videos on youtube and you'll be more confused understand

A genius concept with a very clever "I ran out of time" scene

lmao that's like if i said "DOOM vibes anyone" while playing banjo kazooie fps section

PS: No need to stop being cringe. After all, these replies are good typing practice.

yes, me and amryano want more

Your comments are as painful as my eyes after looking at your profile page's color scheme.

Flixel is a fairly popular engine. If FnF was made in Unity, would you spend the rest of your lifetime going on every Unity game's page and commenting this?